kama ni mimi ningeulizwa........

if wishes were horses…my biggest worry is hii “devilution” is leading this country in to tribalism than uniting us…in the simplest words,if my views would count,i would suggest that during our next “erections”…in 2019,governors should be appointed by President Kenyatta rather than elected by Kenyan

The governors will push but nothing will come of it.
Think about it. They wasted millions of shillings on Toyota Prados and other unnecessary stuff and they know 2017 is coming fast with no development in their counties. So they’re trying to find a scapegoat.
It’s like in a calculus class you get left behind in the semester. It’s usually painful to watch.

So that we travel back in time to the Nyayo era? No, thanks.

Dream on… And it looks like the majority of work done in that Naivasha office is politicking. The change is clear

i have the most boring office…we are only 3 gentle men in a group of 7 ladies,and me being the team leader…i have my own desk…i keep myself updated with ktalk

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no…so that we separate devolution na politics…these governors are working hard to please “their people” its the high time we appointed someone who will allocate cash to development and not into pleasing locals

hahahahahahha yes old monkey…pleasing residents with developments not pleasing them with money

the only thing we devolved was corruption. when scandals get exposed, Goldenberg/ Anglo leasing will look like a schoolboy prank. but hey, tulisomewa constitution on our behalf and tukaipitisha so…we in deep shit my friends

we in very deep shit my friends

Kama Governor wenu hafanyi kazi then recall him ama ulisomewa constitution?

we have more chances of milking a lion than recalling a governor. clauses from here to Timbuktu. plus unity to do so is shaky


It’ll probably take us a decade, perhaps more, to realize the mess we got ourselves into. Until then eat, drink and make merry. IMO, this country needs a maximum of 15-18 counties.


ati we recall our governors???hehehehehe makueni bado wanajaribu

Teamleader is hooked to Ktalk?u can b my boss anytime…nakuanika hapa tukikosana

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3 guys, 7 ladies na uko idle, na huko hapa ukiongea ya devolution… walks away SMH

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Afrocinema continues in 2017

this country needs a maximum of one county i.e no devolution

na ukumbuke ni governor amekubali waende nyumbani na mcas mshahara iko freezed

devolution is here to stay, majimbo is coming soon, 47 is too much 8 would do

The idea of having governors and the devolution thing was a good idea that got fcuked up by greed and the office holders not knowing what their office entails. Most of them started by building of multi purpose office building and residences that would never benefit a common man. So how about just doing away with the post altogether