Kaloozer political demise has come ,after taking the kamba people through the hot ,dry and tiring political disaster ,they are bound to stay in the opposition for 15 years with no substantial government goodies or handshake goodies to show despite delivering over 2 million votes for Babu .
Kamba nation must come back home and abandon kaloozer,mutua the time is know , strike the metal when it’s HOT!!!

it was 60/40 votes for ukambani mate

come home where? i don’t recall Mtk and Kambas ever supporting the same candidate. 2002 is an anomally.

For kalonzo, i actually think now is his time to inherit raira base. Mbaya he is treated with madharau sana huko

And hopefully whichever the government will be for the whole kenya.

Hio 60 % yake surely must give him something , CS position, ambassador au hata retirement benefits ,I feel sorry for the guy despite his political clout .

His ‘your name betrays you’ and ‘MTk will lie low’ did it for me. he is very petty

kalonzo is still king in woo-kambani.

take that to the nearest branch of ncba.

if anything Kalonzo did an amazing job, compared to the useless Karua

Nobody is disputing that fact ,swali ni what goodies have the kambas gotten?
Kambas need a better negotiator for them ndio wapate a good share of the national cake.

Which branch of the ncba is nearest to you? :D:D

hakuna stori ya “goodies” with the devolved government
i still think Machakos is in line to become a city within the next 15 years

Westland will do,swali ni mkamba amepata nini kwa handshake ,jibu hio swali ?

You are right though - sio wakamba tu. wakikuyu na waluhya also need better negotiators.

:D:D:D:D:D…Machakos will forever remain a suburb ya Nairobi,same as kiambu and kajiado ,swali ni the deep interior mkamba atapata nini sasa?
You can’t pay dowry for a girl who is still a toddler ati utakamua 2069 , benefits for support must be instant.

Hii national cake, goodies etc mnaongelea ni nini

the percentage of wakamba currently in charge of public resources and whether any resultant benefit trickles down to the average tyre-repairing or sand-harvesting kasee.

Ebu uliza @Agwambo zile goodies wamepata na handcheque brothers,Babu has helped his people for the last three years hata akiloose election ,he gave them some goodies , kaloozer the last goodies he took home was in 2007 to 2013 as Vice president ,the past decade njaa kubwa TU

:D:D:D:D:D…ungesema tu @PHARMACY as he drinks beer and ugali kaf!!!

Then I guess that mostly benefits the unlearned.

Ama mtu amesoma ata benefit aje?

Also that explains why hao watu hawajasoma ndio huwa exited na elections because it’s them who are going to benefit from political deals

lol that’s not how devolution works
Arror amekuwa in power for 10 years yet what has he done for the Kalenjin community? All he did was sabotage 2 key projects that would have helped his people.
What matters is the kind of person you elect in your local county since they are the ones who will mainly guide development projects
hizi sio enzi za Moi na Kibaki

that’s not what I mean. I assume though that before it gets to the “unlearned”, everyone else who isn’t must’ve gotten some.