Kalonzo's bubble

If you ask a class one kid if kalonzo will ever become kenya’s prezzo the kid will confidently tell you NO but this nigga kalonzo is very ambitious and he does believe he will one day be kenya’s prezzo, I dont know what kind of bubble he lives in or the people that surround him are so loyal that they do not tell him the truth, he should save his energy and just quit politics and venture into other things, Last week ruto mocked cord and told them come 2017 they should look for another running mate because if they still choose kalonzo they will loose terribly, ruto was definately right. Today i saw kalonzo addressing a tv conference and it was actually laughable since the nigga was talking all tough but in reality he is just a toothless barking dog, hehe his people should advice him aache aibu ndogo ndogo

Opinion is like an anus…everyone has one

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but kusema ukweli the kafellow should have more realistic dreams and ambitions.

Aim at the sun land on the sky…he doesnt have any political clout to speak of but he’s been in the game for three decades,I think he’s a genius

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The same could have been said of ruto in 2005 ,or of raila in 1995, or of uhuru in 1997, or of obama in 2004. You can sell anything to the public. People can even elect a pig if you mobilised enough persuasion. the masses are feminine. If he got the backing of several heavyweights, he would be the man to beat.

i like his determination,as misguided as it may be

people are motivated by ideas, charisma or kakitu. now, huyu jamaa ideas sijasiskia, charisma-all i hear is whining wakati hata sisi tunalia kufinyika and as for kakitu I guess if muthama withdraws his sponsorship jamaa atatembelea ream. By the way Muthama alienda wapi au alimeza ukali ikakwama kwa koo?

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What was so charsimatic abt Kibaki??? Speech? looks? what. You can sell people anything. all he needed was a few convincing heavyweights to support him despite his poor speech skills, frails health, broken limbs and not so attractive looks.
And people dont vote on the basis of ideas at all. motivations are more social.

What kind of advice to you expect an illiterate mongoose like Muthama to give?