Kalonzo VS. Ruto

This will be dicey!

The allegations and counter allegations go on to show that our leaders are thieves, and the more divided the better it is for us because they will expose each other. But on this one, Kalonzo is punching above his pay grade.


who is he? nikikua nasikia huyo mkamba akitajwa time ya odm na odm k. siku izi ako wapi?

Very soon, jamaa won’t be talking no more.

Kalonzo should go ahead and expose this chicken- seller billionaire. Ruto is a career thief.

Kalonzo is water melon. Don’t be surprised if you find him in William Ruto’s camp before Easter.

Moi left some really bitter orphans.

Ruto thought that he was very smart. This is just the beginning. He will be bombarded with missiles from land sea and air

Yeah, he is very smart. That I credit him.

Watermelon is just panicking, stressed and afraid. Hustler wave has hit Ukambani hard just like everywhere else. His relevance is gone. That is why he tried to get his recent bitter governor rivals into one Ukambani tribal outfit in the hope as a unit they can mount a challenge. However Kibwana said no, he has acknowledged Hustler wave is there and strong in Makueni. Muthama is a serial efficient organizer and they will soon team up publicly.

Kalooser the water melon is trying to hit way above his level. His level is with the likes of kalembe

Well his home is in NYS, that he cannot refute.

Actually WSR owns property in Yatta as well

He is just a messenger, the script is from mutahi ngunyi at state house. Madvd, watermelon, wetangula etc are all puppets. They are all venting of late so let the tantrum take its course as we campaign for Machakos by elections. Even RAT is almost completing his puppet course under President Uhuru. Then finally Kenyatta’s can reveal gideon moi as their successor and we can see whether this old and new puppets will have the guts to speak out.

Jameni who listens to this old tired foggy?