Kalonzo ni mtu bure kabisa

Is this the same man who was given the president’s speech to read to the mourners only to be left with empty seats? Now he claims to foresee a situation where Ruto will be the opposition leader come 2022. He says that Ruto is “going against” the president. I thought it is clear to even dogs and hens in the village that it is because of Ruto, Uhuru became president. Ass lickers like Kalonzo stand no chance to succeed, there is nothing to write home about him, bure kabisa kama mnyambo ya punda.

Hata wahiga ameshtuka na kumpea ile look ya “wtf dude”

That’s a widely held view, hata hapa kwa kijiji , the assumption is rampant.

kalonzo hawes kubali kukaa nje ya serikali tena.The period btwn 2013-2017 affected the nigga phycologically.That said, he will never be president

fact ni kwamba deep state will install Raira as the president and Ruto atahangaika Oppositon desert for 10 years

Tumesema mara mingi (nyingi?); Ruto kuingia state house itakuwa ni bahati.

It is because of Uhuru that Ruto became DP. And now he is fighting the man who made him DP. Can you imagine Igathe boasting he made Sonko governor? It’s like a makanga undermining the driver. Kweli asante ya punda ni mateke.

Anyone who supports those thieves especially Ruto to continue raping us must have a big marikiti cabbage for a head. But it is expected of @chap, a boy who loves the rearshafting big tyme

Tangu lini wakamba na hiyo ufupi tote wakacheza basketball tena na jersey ya real Madrid…

kenya we’re ferked big time, no mp opposed the taxes, even shelving them till June 2021 when businesses are projected to revamp. even the “hustler” didn’t oppose it silently, angetuma his foot soldiers silently to make noise in parliament but they all went silent .
9 months later no mp saw it fit to legislate about free masks to pupils yet pesa ilitolewa, sanitizers walikunywa kitambo yet billions was spent on them, no one has raised a finger yet everyone is screaming vile bbi will solve everything or vile they’re hustlers yet in the evening they allocate themselves all tenders as the rest are compelled to fill unending forms sahizo it’s just a gamble.

A useless spineless coward. Is there anyone in Baringo willing to die for Kalonzo? I know over 100 kambas in Kathonzweni ready to lay down their own lives for Dr. William Ruto.

Huyo mwizi tutachoma Ngoja tu

Wakamba wazuri ni wanawake, their men though is a different story!! Kalonzo seems to wonder why everyone seems not to like him…

Real Madrid iko na B Ball team lakini haina Mkamba…[ATTACH=full]342253[/ATTACH]

Busy earning your 537/= huh?

The Wolf from Sugoi still holds sway in his backyard and the OP’s backyard as well and you want to assert that… Don’t be ridiculous, the DP had his uses and they hired him for his mobilizing skills, when they no longer had any use for him they wanted to screw him over but he followed his gut and bailed.



Central Kenya voters are becoming fatigued by hasora movement coz they haven’t seen any meaningful change in their respective livelihoods. Reason why people like Ndindi Nyoro have become less vocal, and also why Muthungu wa Ruiru was seriously insulted for ditching Uhuru’s camp and joining Tangatanga.
Ruto is making a serious political blunder by assuming that Central Kenya is already ‘in the bag’. Well it ain’t.
I was in mashinani the aza day and I can tell you the ground is shifting…towards indifference.
He needs to be seen more often and follow up on his development projects.
Cc @spear

Not my quote. But someone once said that Kao men live at extreme end of the spectrum in everything. If he is rich he is arrogant as fuck, if Hana pesa he becomes a sycophantic fool that is easily exploited.

Umeniita kwa post that I can only see a few comments and no header or proposer. So i will make it quick. Sunday service and kids back to school awaits.

You are deliberately reading your own things just pure and simple. Hustler movement was unveiled in August 2020 and here you are in a hurry to say otherwise or fatique. If it wasn’t for the corona restrictions we would have completed Central, Mt. Kenya, Ukambani and Western tours. It was just a few weeks ago we swept the by elections is central but hey they are tired already.

If you want meaningful change in peoples livelihood ask President Uhuru and his brother muhoho who are singling running the country as they see fit. Somehow a few people like you forget President Uhuru from your own region has been President for 8 years. Why can’t you ask him that? Handcheque team have his ear, wanaongea nini kusaidia wananchi? Funny how that aspect eludes you. Us as Tanga Tanga will resume our outreach grassroots tours as soon as corona mitigation measures are lifted. If the country was being ran from Karen office at least things would be more sensitively ran and focus would be to pay for the vaccines now to get it here ASAP. Lakini this reason wasn’t the issue was it.

Ndindi Nyoro is pushing for running mate position but its alright, let’s say he is not interested because the assumption is that if someone is not loud and vocal throughout then he has left. Everyone is entitled for opinions, I guess, but be 100% sure. What I know is that DP Uncle Ruto campaign is personal for the Presidency. He is seeking the voters directly and that is why he is no longer interested in Jubilee. He doesn’t want gatekeepers and selfish leaders. He doesn’t want so and so to reach this region or this people. Everyone in Tanga Tanga knows that. So divorce odm, opposition and kitaeleweka political schemes with Hustlers movement. Totally different types of political arrangement. Secondly all Tanga Tanga leaders were told in 2019 to build their own spaces of influence. To raise up their game beyond their current influence or influences. Seek favour from the people not DP Uncle Ruto. Something that really impressed Muthama and Khalwale. Its the norm in party politics not to build beyond your party leadership, here in Tanga Tanga its encouraged. That’s the only route to the Party leadership for Presidential and DP ticket. Everyone is free to fight for it. There will be no boardroom decision. The person with the highest following takes the Presidential ticket and the second takes the DP ticket. The other seats shared by the same matrix. Hakuna ujinga ya I’m the Prince of zimunda so I must get this seat. Where is your following and voters. Its an election determined by numbers, where is your numbers. 2019-2020 has seen rise of Tanga Tanga leaders to challenge the status quo. Moses Kuria, Muthama, Nyoro, Kiunjuri, Ichungwa, Alice Wahome, Khalwale, Murkomen etc. You can even form your own party, popularize yourself and party then in 2022 come for alliance building. What you are seeing right now is this changes, people deciding to either build within or in their own outfit. Direct to the people, when DP shows up to the local grassroots, he will not decide for the people whom to pick, let them pick on their own. Let us see who people will pick to partner DP Uncle Ruto within his outfit or independent. One thing for sure its not Jubilee or handcheque. Hiyo its either denial or kujidanganya.

Lastly that indifference is brokenness and its getting worse. People are taking kids schools with no money, requirements and PEP materials. They then go back home with debts, empty pockets and no jobs or business to carry them forward. Government solution is breastfeed baba initiative campaign. Meanwhile things are so bad that corona is forgotten and it is still killing.