Kalonzo Kufungua Roho


@sani @langatkipro jambass wa Sugoi amulikwa na torchi kubwa mno. Kuja umtetee

we cannot respond to such. kalonzo is a woman, a regional embarrassment to the proud people of eastern province and kwale county.

ii tunawachia governor mutua adeal na yeye

Why kwale

kwale ni kwa wakamba

Love when the mongoose fight each other.

Another spent butt hole trying to remain relevant.

:D:D:D:D:D Ruto thought that he had the Monopoly of playing it rough.

I asked talkers what Uhuru meant when he said some people are making noise yet they won because of him…

Some days ago ANC played politics by threatening to impeach Ruto,today it’s kalonzo aka wiper…ODM has changed tacked and they are now attacking jubilee,it’s a strategy I believe Uhuru is aware of,that if jubilee is a failure it’s him and ruto,hakuna kutoroka

It’s proven elections in Kenya are not that free and fair,so Ruto is being tackled like a jigsaw puzzle, eventually we shall look back and understand

:D:D Kila mtu anaona zake. Siasa imekua noma kweli

'Mimi namba kuwa kijana yako ya mkono ’

Una shida wewe, kuna a significant amount of kambas especially shimba hills town but kwale sio kwa wakamba

Classic case of The kettle calling the pot black. MFA worms from the 90s and Goldenberg tusitafute please

Guy, are you serious, you need to do a good research.
Mwakwere sets eye on Kwale governor’s seat – Weekly Citizen
Kamba people - Wikipedia [ATTACH=full]345522[/ATTACH]

Main ethnic communities in the Kwale county include the Digo and Duruma clans of the larger Mijikenda tribe and also a significant presence of the Kamba tribe . Jifunze kufanya research