Kalenjins warn kenyans against electing hasla in 2022. Ati wanajua yeye ni mwisi and kenyans will regret

Get it from the horses mouth. Wamesema choices have consequences. Ati msiseme hamukuambiwa.


Let those who have ears hear.

Comparing thieves from gatheca na mama yake na io jamii yao na ruto is a silly joke.
Ruto is a saint …
Kenyatta family has robbed kenya 150 billions from 2013 to date. by 2022 it will clock 200B from one family

Thieves everywhere. Kenya is a big den of corrupt thieving politicians and public servants.

Gideon moi =/= kalenjin

uhuru ni mlevi mwisi amalize tu aende , 2022 is hustler affair :cool:

We all know voting for Arrow will be a mistake.

Huyu si ni kama amenunuliwa na bwana Gideon?

The worse is the general public, they steal everytime, everywhere, everything, from everyone including themselves.

hizo storo ziachie mutahi ngunyi

Ruto was born a thief

Huyu hakushikwa na fake bonds?

Kenyans will steal from accident victims, nurses and drs busy stealing from patients, teachers ‘selling’ secondary school places and allocating burseries to undeserving Kenyans, clergy robbing from the worshippers etcet etcet…nani kama sisi???:mad:

And why do they do it…for me African politicians ni meffi what would make me happier is seeing them pay without getting away with it lest we behave like those South african bonobos.

Our PORK will boldly tell us in broad daylight…‘pesa inaenda kwa mifuko ya watu’ and ‘2 billion is stolen in a day?’ and he can’t do zilch about it…[SIZE=1]kwa kweli najivunia kuwa mKenyanitto…[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]We have a corrupt judiciary, a rotten police force…could go on and on…[/SIZE]

and who elects them if it isn’t the meffi citizens, you’re trying very hard to avoid pointing the finger to the common people around you

We only elect this small offices but hio top job ni kazi ya deep state.

Chimpanzee nacheki umepanda ranks ukaget custom title pia. Nirushie connects