Kalenjins, please wake up and smell the coffee

if u can read btwn the lines…wht is this mungiki sayin here? are u seeing what am seeing.
Also look at Wallace Muchiris(another mungiki) reply


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Ruto should have the book “48 laws of power” as his Bible, he will learn so many things. If Uhuru got a chance to screw him, he would do so gladly.

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uhuru is not rao

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It is not only Rao who gets screwed, Remember Musalia Madvd?

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Madvd was the one who was trying to screw u.k

You are right. Ruto is one naive guy…if he is expecting to be supported later. He should demand the seat 2017 or else he is screwed. Its not even Uhuru who will screw him, but other uhuru supporters will demand that he be screwed or they will jump ship.

Kambas realized that altruism is an unreliable in contracts. The merus are realizing slowly after being in slumberland for 50 years. Luos and some luhya have learn the hard way too. I am not being tribalist here, its just the way things are, evidently.

the icc has stuck on this case like a jigger

Ruto will be take over presidency in 2022, this is history repeating itself. kikuyu will have to support him whether they like it or not or become politically isolated by others. opposition knows this and hopes that uhuruto alliance breaks before then

Ruto might be gunning for presidency in 2017 with Uhuru as the running mate. You can never beat digitals in formulating strategy. This way, they can shock and surprise everyone.

Coffee, what coffee? Kalenjins take mursik…tell them to wake up and smell the mursik!

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True i think this is the only way out. People always want change.