Kalenjin serial killer charged with 18 murders

It seems mauaji is just in the blood of this people hata waende wapi.


[COLOR=rgb(247, 218, 100)]Kenyan serial killer charged with 18 murders

Let’s be accountable nani.

Own volition madam!

Tena wanyaye ndio anaua just to steal jewelry? Nurses are psychos. One in Coptic was injecting cancer patients with sedatives then raping them. People need cctv

Hii tuliona King David akisorora Uriah’s wife

He wasnt a nurse though.

Yes, its a old story.

Muliona when he was being arrested. It’s different from his indictment and probable cause hearing. He was charged with murder of 18 recently. Go check your facts. Ama hujui kuna difference between being arrested and being charged.

What was he? A doctor?

An aide. Those who help the nurse or doctor in moving the patient, changing them, etc.

An orderly?

Yes that.

Hii legal lingo hatujui.

When you are arrested usually the prosecutor is still establishing probable cause and investigating the matter. After that you are charged and you will be indicted depending on the judge and jury agreement that uko na mastaka ya kujibu.

Madam no need to be patronising we’re also educated. He was charged of 17 murders last year, and charged of the 18th murder in January. This is stale news.