Kalenjin leaders pretending to replicate Mboya airlifts :Kumbe ilikua con job



Njaruos are the Kenyan master race. Often imitated, never replicated.

Wow! These people!

Studying overseas should be made a preserve for the Elite only. Angalao huwa tunarudi. Nyinyi wengine mtulie hapa vumbistan na sisi … tungangane pole pole.

Luos are like the Germans of Kenya.

Sema Tom Mboya tu
No one else there has been able to replicate that.

Hapo pahali ati they were guaranteed employment wakimaliza masomo sounds fishy.

njaruos are just loud mouthed, jomo kenyatta and other gema leaders of the time organised airlifts quietly in the 60s and during the cold war, mwangi wa equity is also doing the same polepole bila kusumbua watu

As a Mungich, I can’t argue against facts.
Luos are fewer than many other tribes, but you can’t ignore them.Respect Due.

Hio vitu imekua scandal sana huku ug. Most students have applied for refunds.

Leta evidence ya Jomo kufanya same. Baba ya Obama potus was a beneficiary, the rest is history. Weka respect where due.[ATTACH=full]492759[/ATTACH]

njaruo tunajua mnamaliswa na combi ya ukimwi na ushoga

Kwani hujui kusoma

HIV/AIDS is where they draw the line

Jaramogi was also doing the same with airlifts to the USSR.

Onto other news, who elsewhere has successfully done the same?

Incoming governor niaje

Poa sana, naona niko na kura moja already

We have some very intelligent jaruos here in the kijiji for example @Agwambo @Yuletapeli @Nyamgondho @Ndindu @patco

Mzito @Akon City II tuma till nkushikie mbutaa

Wallai niko mbaya saidi. Nitumie 100 dollarinos njaruo angalau ninunue protein powder