Kakuma bullets firing and continue to fire for almost an hour

Shots are being fired to scare a blood thirsty crowd . Apparently some suspects in police custody and the public wants blood.
These northerners really hold grudges .

Hawa watu hawapendagi ujinga, si walichoma ule wa jana. Just shows how much kenyans believe in the justice system

Huko they believe blood must be paid by blood. You kill my brother, I kill you

Let em decide what good for em

Wauwaji wauliwe tu! Ingewezekana wabakaji wabakwe pia.

Gaaayyy chieethh!!

Turkish -Turkana


justice 101. Medieval style. They are lucky hawakatwi ii style

I think being burnt is a worse death then getting beheaded

I agree…one clean [SIZE=16px]chop , instant death…[/SIZE]

By the way I heard that makagaris do not get roasted? Is it true kwa wale mumeshudia Haya mambo?

Yes according to researchers the first few minutes are hell, otherwise the body gets numb and the victim feels nothing 90% of the burning time.
A little bit of stoning without letting the victim get unconcious and burning is the worst; when the victim’s nerves have not yet been numbed.

Thanks but I just summarized your research thesis you damn bastard

Nimekutusi wapi kwa my reply above mbwa ii…Ferk you! Son of a ho

Keti hapa kwanza NV . We don’t take such insults lightly.