Kaka takes his video down....

Something has happened after NTV posted about his video [ATTACH=full]275659[/ATTACH]

Revolution was loading

But I have just downloaded it from YouTube ten minutes ago

[ATTACH=full]275664[/ATTACH][ATTACH]275664[/ATTACH] but its still there.

Incase u forgot this area manager bila akili @wonderful wonder told us and vowed he would vote for uhuru again and again as long as Raila is in the ballot box

Wonder also belongs to team “i will vote for Ruto to teach Uhuru a lesson” let that sink in fellows.

Which app are you using for downloading youtube videos?

its still up …as of now


This is just marketing gimmick…King Kaka anatishia watu he is taking down the video so that watu waharakishe kudownload thus trending

It would been better if it was a song…hii poem nani ataskiza more than 2 minutes? Bure kabisaaaa

Wacha itrend…hawa washenzi wametuzoea na kutufira hadi mkundu

Upuss Song na uwezi dance…
Tutaisahau after 3 days…short memory syndrome
Wakubwa wataendelea kukula
System still intact and peasantry will be alive for the next 900 yrs
Upuss Song and marketing gimmicks

You are part of the problem.

Appreciate he has highlighted the ills in the society publicly , what we fear to say

Kama tulisahau Eric Wainana’s song ‘nchi ya kitu kidogo’ hii ya kaka sungura imejaaa matusi tupu ataskiza yeye na bibi yake …ghasia yeye

He’s playing his part in contributing positively to the nation. On the other hand, your contribution is the word ‘Upuss’ on public forums.

He said the truth I have just listened to the poem about 1hr ago. But I also felt he sounded like a bitter Jubilee supporter. Hata hivyo sahii sio time ya kwa too judgemental I like the feeling kwa ground, all grounds.

This is just peasantry manenos and it will pass like everything else before.
Upuss poem to make him famous and relevant.
Everything in the song is not new and we already know…



He is…errr…He was…

:slight_smile: Hii na ile upus ya mistarillionare kaina dafferens .