Kajiado passes BBI Bill

Kajiado county has passed the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2020, becoming the seventh to do so.
Trans Nzoia, West Pokot, Busia, Siaya, Kisumu and Homa Bay county assemblies have also passed the Bill.
Only Baringo County has so far rejected the Bill during a chaotic session last week.

Twenty-four out of 47 counties are required to pass the Bill.

This now means that the BBI change proponents now need 17 counties for the Bill to make its way to Parliament and then a referendum.


Mt Kenya MCAs will also pass ze BBI.
Cowards! Sellouts!

They will never see re-election

Bbi inapita saa mbili

The government only needs the bbi to go through at the county level, from there, algorithm za referendum ziko ready

BBI must win wether to kithni or ndekni, dynasty die hards

lenku tunajua babake bi nani , we saw this coming.

Population will have forgotten come election time.

as an MP why care about reelection when 70% dont make it back, kula all the govt bribes. id do the same kuliko uanze vita na serikali wainue kesi ulitomba malaya 1995 ukaingia mitini.

I see people here making jokes about what is happening,BBI is a prep for totalitarian rule,someone said that Kenya will be a dictatorship with a facade of a democratic country.With the kind of impunity and care less attitude Uhuru Kenyatta is demonstrating imagine what will happen post BBI when he refuses to leave power or installs a puppet?This small rights you take for granted like social media will one day be taken away by a paranoid leader.Cutting the judiciary to size is the beginning

Leta hekaya Omwami priis

Maasai jinga kubaf. What do you expect from a county led by Ole Lenku?

Kachiado basses PPI pill. How a Kisii would read the sentence.