Kagame's daughter


A very tall couple. The guy is 6’8" and the girl is 6’5"
Congrats to Ange and Bertrand Ndengeyingoma!!!


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Nikitombea huyo ghassia huyo bibi kagame ata do ?

Find out what happened to that jamaa’s girlfriend.

Link: https://glpost.com/after-days-of-investigations-i-can-totally-confirm-that-bertrand-ndengeyingoma-is-under-arrest-at-kami-military-detention-centre/
Last week, on 4th of April 19, I posted noting that their is info about Bertrand Ndengeyingoma, the current fiancé to Ange Kagame that I was still cross checking.

I have always posted that this was a non starter relationship that criminal Paul Kagame was against at its beginning, but due to love for his daughter, he went along and during the introduction day on 28th December 18, criminal Paul Kagame refused to give the man’s family the actual date for the wedding/marriage, telling them that they will be communicated in due process.

On 8th January 19, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma’s ex girlfriend, model Alexis Mupende was brutally assassinated by the blood thirst first family in order to eliminate any competition or worry/jealous by their daughter against model Alexis Uwera Mupende.

After the assassination of Alexis Uwera Mupende, Bertrand NDENGEYINGOMA has never been the same. He went into a process of stress and depression. And he started drinking heavily.

Two weeks ago, in a Kigali bar, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma crossed what criminal Paul Kagame calls as redline. After heavy binge drinking, the future son inlaw to criminal Paul Kagame, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma started shouting to his friends how the first family are responsible in the assassination of his ex girlfriend Alexis Uwera Mupende. He thanked God how criminal Paul Kagame hasn’t given them a wedding/marriage date noting, “I am no longer interested in marrying in that family. And I have split with that girl several times, only to be forced back in relationship. Now they are killing innocent people that are close to me.”

As usual, DMI operatives who always follow Bertrand Ndengeyingoma heard this, and they reported directly to criminal Paul Kagame. A mentally perturbed criminal Paul Kagame, without wasting time, ordered the immediate arrest of Bertrand Ndengeyingoma, and he was taken to Kami military detention centre.

On hearing this, Bertrand Ndengeyingoma’s father, Mzee Cyrille NDENGEYINGOMA collapsed, and after few days at Roi Faisal hospital in Kigali, he was taken to Nairobi for treatment. As I post this, Mzee Cyrille NDENGEYINGOMA is still at Nairobi Hospital receiving stroke treatment and recuperating.


Fungua thread baba with more info

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[SIZE=7]How Rwandan Female ‘Spy’ like Dianah Kenty to Lure Ugandan Officials into Espionage[/SIZE]
2 weeks ago Chris Kamo
Intel Brief: How Rwandan Female ‘Spy’ Planned to Lure Ugandan Officials into Espionage. In the world of spying the biggest weapon female spies use is sex, says a top security official who spoke to this website on condition of anonymity.
Very beautiful female operatives are used by governments across the world to set up what the security official termed as “honey trap.”
He adds that, similarly “honey traps” can be referred to as “honey pots” a favourite spying tactic as long as sex and espionage exist.
“It is very hard to resist such kind of temptation usually for a man. That is how female spies end up extracting information very easily,” the official added.
This tactic is as old as humankind tracing its roots in the bible when the strongest man Samson was betrayed by Delilah who revealed his weakness was in the hair to the Philistines in exchange for 1,100 pieces of silver.
Similarly, TrumpetNews has learnt with authority that Kigali was using same tactic against officials in Kampala.
[SIZE=6]Dianah Kenty[/SIZE]
One of the female spies allegedly sent by Rwanda who frequented Kampala in the recent past until her government regulated citizens’ movement into Uganda has been identified as Dianah Kenty.
Security describes Kenty as she prefers to be addressed as terribly beautiful woman who no man can resist.
Kenty, security understands had no known business in Uganda but would fly into the country every after two weeks and would travel business class.
While in Kampala Ms. Kenty resided in posh hotels in Munyonyo and Kololo and also stormed high-end hangouts in Industrial area and Acacia avenue.
“You would never find her drinking beers, she took only whiskeys and wine. At a time of retiring home, a special hire was always available waiting,” a security source added.
Kenty was always in company of equally pretty Rwandan ladies whom she seemingly ‘distributed’ amongst men in clubs.
While in club Kenty was comfortable hobnobbing with Kampala’s known partiers while at the hotels where she stayed, she would never allow anyone even her friends visit.
It is understood that that is when she would be meeting government officials.
[li]https://i0.wp.com/trumpetnews.co.ug/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Kenty-Diana1-1024x1024.jpeg?resize=640%2C640&ssl=1Very beautiful: Kenty[/li][/ul]
“She had established many contacts in police mostly to a point that she had become the untouchable,” added a source.
At some point she would be accorded lead car as she left her hotel to storm bars.
What startled security is that back home, Kenty doesn’t own even a tomato stall.
But how she facilitated her lavish life had started worrying some of her friends.
[SIZE=6]Leaving Uganda[/SIZE]
A few months go when Uganda- Rwanda relations had started worsening and becoming public fodder, Dianah Kenty turned busy and would rarely be seen, although she remained in Uganda.
“Even her friends couldn’t reach her. She was very rare,” added a source.
Security would later establish that at that point she was working around the clock to finish the job as time was up since the frosty relation had been exposed by the Ugandan media including faces of spies who were operating behind the government of Uganda.
Hell broke loose when Kenty developed bitter understanding with fellow girls who accused her of “stealing” their men.
She lodged a complaint at Kabalagala Police Station that she had been assaulted.
As police planned to swing into action and arrest the suspects, Kenty was briefed that the accused were willing to expose her identity as Rwandan Spy.
“She rushed to Kabalagala Police withdrew the case parked her bags and left Uganda for good,” security source said.
TrumpetNews has also learnt that Kenty had previously been arrested but was released shortly.
The intelligence brief obtained indicates that this Rwandan lady had been targeting top government officials for espionage.
Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni early this year expressed discontent at how Rwanda was operating behind his government.
Security in across the country arrested many Rwandan citizens who were spying on Uganda.
Those that have masterminded kidnap of fellow citizens remain in Ugandan custody.
However, Rwanda claims that its innocent citizens had been arrested, harassed and tortured while in custody

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