@kabuda uliacha kujiongelesha jana...

hehehehhehehe, boss niliacha ukijiongelesha usiku mzima, http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/ol-monk-aka-admin-nina-swali.4820/

na tafadhali wachana na



heshimu wazee kijana


Sijawai jiongelesha,i would never scoop that low kama jamaa mwingine hapa alikuwa anaitwa @uwesmake siku hizi naskia amebadilishe handle kama mara 17.


Sai anajiita @The gunner aka @wenger

hapo sawa @uwesmake I didn’t see that cumming, I mean @ekamsweu

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Achana na scoop, try stoop. it sounds better.


Pole kaka, i think the day people were learning that saying siku hiyo nilikuwa absent.
Thanks for the correction…

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@kabuda I know the scoop/stoop thing might just have been a typo, but general observation - for a man who has stayed abroad for a considerable amount of years (in Britain no less), your finesse in the queens language is rather lacking in an uncanny way
I’m not saying you become a Karl Marx and try to bamboozle with big words. Just that, you know the way a mswahili from coast will sound different from mtu wa bara, no matter how hard we try or how rich our swahili vocabulary is. That sort of thing

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For a “New villager” you have alot of nerve trying to educate a “Village Elder”!
Maybe im just trying to fit in amongst half witted linguistically lacking,backward thinkers like you. By the way i havent “stayed” abroad for a considerable amount of years; I have “lived”…
I actually spend more time trying to keep up with Sheng than trying to learn the queen`s English.Umbleina ni mwafrika kujifanya mlami instead of being proud of who they are.
Watching you watching me @agik !!

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waa @ekamsweu iyo ni kali heshma apo

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Kukatch feelings ovyo ya nini buda. The key is not to try to be someone/something you’re not. Just be yourself and not try to fit in with us mere mortals. Ill leave it at that

@pamba alisema ni ule yule @uweskamau