@Kabuda@Supodon@Ol Monk and Other Hypocrites

Turning the site into a church blog… Priiissss.

Mpeleke hypocrisy huko mbali. And all other niggas judging others as if you are the prefects of men? who appointed you prefects of mens morals to judge right or wrong? Ati supu anasema XXX isirudi wakiwa na Ka buda… B8tch and Nigga pliiz… Dont visit the page. But dont stiffle others while pretending to be moral police. Ati Ol monk anasema responsible site - Pshhh … Is humanity to live according to your standards of responsibility which are very subjective?
Other holier than thou Jesus PAs… Next you are going to crusify me for being an atheist (If I were)

Y’all killing the village and sucking the fun out of it with your hypocrisy.

Lets all live and let live… Dont judge, Dont comment your negative opinions individuated with dogma, dont tell us what is bad and what is good… Police yourselves na watu wenyu not other internet users.

Im talking to all the judgy kill buzzers. You are sucking the fun from the village and converting it to a convent.NKT

Lets encourage people to post their Hekayas without judgement… maybe the village will be a buzz with activities but some F*kers here wanangoja hekaya ndio waanze kusema oo ni vibaya hivo, waanza kutukana kina FP shemale…Y’all killing the village. No one has moral authority over the other …so pliiz



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What an irony

last i checked we were doing just fine, with new villagers joining everyday…

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Pepopunda ni TB ama ni Tetanus?

Go figure… naukijua jinunulie peremende


And put the correct colour of your gender on your handle for crying out loud. PINK!!! Ama wewe ndio true defination ya shemale??

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Fucking kill joys!


ISIS could be better running this site then.


Xxx haitarudi boss. Sorry to tell you so. Unless mnataka tuwawekee zile adverts za popups na za ma malware. Ama kama mko willing kutufanyia Harambee for server maintainance costs. Lots of porn websites outchea. Pia unaweza leta 5k nikuundie website yako for free watu waweke xxx hapo if you really need xxx


What we need is to have a balanced organisation projection that is integrated with compatible and monitored digital concept , responsive and has a transitional functional capability of a third-generation
systematized policy to govern this site. Thanks @Ibwit this sh!t is amazing.


Free? What is the 5k for? Ama ni ngumi 5k, kujia basi.


Kambas are the new moral police. RIP Wanderi.

This site should be wary of the fact that most of its members are bereaved, hence they could jump ship as soon as a better vessel (one that listens to concerns) arrives.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D you got me…

Bull Crap…
You think I will kneel down and beg for XXX. I dont need it.
I just am againist the likes of @ol monk who instead of explaining like you have with facts as to why XXX cannot make it in this village, the best they can do is to say “ni tabia mbaya” ati its bad. Nigga please. those are the moral hypocretes im talking about.
You have laid down the facts @Deorro and I appreciate that,At least you did not use the moral flag. Na staki site mimi.Kwani hii inaenda wapi?

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Hahahaaa… Very nice:D:D:D

well played sir!:D:D:D

Lol! don’t be fooled. Other than the odd she-male here and there, who have a blue and a separate pink handle, hao wote wengine ni ma multiple handlers.