@ Kabuda, Huko Kwenyu Kuna Tribalism During Elections Pia

Naona the scots wamepatia chama ya nyumbani 56 out of 59 paliarmentantary seats in the just concluded elections. Why again do western media keep reminding us that our democracy is not mature coz. of tribal voting?



Crackers are the most tribal lot

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Ni vile tu tribes zao ni kubwa kubwa…sio watu elfu tatu…

The two world wars were European tribal affairs.

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If you look at how European countries were formed and borders drawn, then ukabila wetu hapa Afrika ni shadow.

The Scots (mostly Celts) hate the English with a passion because they feel the latter look down upon them and have subjected them to a monarchy they did not want in the first place. Even then, Europeans ni wakabila kabisa - that is the principle they brought to divide Africans to make it easier to conquer us way back in the day.



Huamini? Look at the former Yugoslavia. What was that 45-month war in the 90s all about?:wink:

:mad::mad::mad: my smiley is intented to show how am angered by Europe.
I totally concur with you:)

I get you, loud and clear. :slight_smile: