ka five million hivi


sasa tungoje official announcement

When were you counted na naona bado mnazungusha nguo, viatu na marashi kwa streets na mashambani.

Sema wariah chinga, bado unajipiga kindole?

You a stoopid obese cushite moron.

So what? Why don’t you say that in Zoomalia? At least there, they give a flying f…!


For your sake I hope that that 5 million translates into money because we all know GoK is not going to improve anything in Kenya.

Not even one million legal Somalis.

@Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum

this time Somalis got a technical knock out.
there were different codes for the numerous Somali clans then another code for Kenyan Somali.

tunatangaza only Code Kenyan Somali only! …

Mkifikisha one million nitakununulia mzinga!