[B]Cut the chase. Admit you were sodomized. Only then your healing wud begin. I admited to my guilt back in 2005, mend my ways and regained my appetite for women. My last escapade with a man isnt even worth sharing. A lady approached me for my services. " teach his hubby a lesson aone kama ataachana na pombe" the dude used to sleep in pubs, drink up
all his salary with pokos and take nothing back home. Deal was to “vunja yai” kwa underwear yake ndio akiamka morning adhanie amekamuliwa and then probably he wud quit drinking…

to be continued…[/B]

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people have wild brains…or strange things happen in this world…

Please leave me out of your Hekaya.If you have a confession after reading my story thats all good but please don`t ask me to lie.
Like i said before,i am not ashamed of what happened to me and if i was indeed sodomised,i would have said so.
Now unless your name is Waweru and you are confusing me for another one of your victims, please stop using my name in your story.


the title of your story was ‘the day my spirit died’ and not ‘the day my spirit almost died’…and you spoke with so much finality and emotions just like a victim of sodomy and not a near victim of sodomy…pole sana for the experience but lets just be honest @Ka-Buda most people here will not want to offend you by saying it to your face but just admit it hapenned already to avoid homos like these guys making a mockery of these situations .shit happens

He made his point. The onus now is on Jamba huthu. You see what I did?


Hehe ati shit happens…you forgot to add “pun intended”.


@CORNERS ,i have ignored your comments so far but like i am telling all of you fags, i am not here to write a script in a Gay porn movie that has a “happy ending” to it.
I am only telling my story as it occurred. I am sorry for the anti-climax in the ending of it and i am not even homophobic. God will Judge us all.

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I believe one of my replies from a previous thread by @nairobilay ( about magonjwa ya dry fry)… made u come up with this thread… i
admitted and confessed to my rotten ways back then… only then my healing started… addmitance is the key word here… … do it !!![ATTACH=full]6490[/ATTACH]

so now you will call everyone who tries to toss an opinion a fag just coz u got ‘the long end of the stick’ no pun intended.just let the story go kama nothing happened.You are way too old to be catching feelings over things that happened that long ago


‘the long end of the stick’ no pun intended.

I like this!,…heheheh
you are a funny fag too…heheheheheh…

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@Ka-Buda naona unapashwa lawama hapa. Hehe, anyway happy Madaraka day

I`m becoming the Butt of all jokes here now… (see what i did there?)

I was gonna make a gay joke…butt fucck it.


Your hekaya just does’nt add up. @Ka-Buda … waweru alikupenya kwa club ama kwa ndae ??? Just come out of the closet… [ATTACH=full]6502[/ATTACH]

Ain’t nothing anybody can do to exhume you from your uncalled for misdeeds

now that this wont die- there is still that niggling forensic matter of waweru’s semen on trousers that wasn’t quite cleared (no pun!)…


Some guy mentioned breaking of eggs in swa was he avoiding some innuendo or pun? Hio story we need the meat and potatoes @jamba huthu

I tried wiping it away from my mind but it left a nasty stain in my conscience.
Kikikikiikiki,(see what i did there?)
Hii place imejaa undiscovered comedians!