@Ka-Buda`s sex-capades;Shagging my "girlfriends" daughter

I am not particularly proud of this but it happened and i didnt plan it. I want every man to put themselves in my shoes and tell me what they would have done in my place. I am 26 years old and as fate would have had it,i find myself in a sexual relationship with a woman 16 years older than me. It is very casual at first and save for being the proverbial "shoulder to cry on" for her,i dare call it rebound sex on her part. Yes,i slept with her because she became too clingy after she was left by her longterm boyfriend and i just happened to be working with her then. I remember the first time we had sex and it was so awkward because she was supposed to come to my place for nyamchom only but when she arrived for supper,i noticed she was carrying a bottle of Martel Brandy. I did my nyamchom and kachumbari thing and i remember cooking ugali which impressed her but all the while,she was downing the Martel like there was no tomorrow. Anyway,we end up on my bed and she is coercing me into doing a 69 sex position and i was thinking...."mmm,i dont know you that well!"..... Our relationship over time turns into Friday evening meetings in my house because she happened to mention to me that she has a spoilt daughter who comes over announced and she is not ready to have her meet me because she is too protective of her and she doesnt know how she would react to having me there.This daughter of hers is 23 and she tells me that she had her when she was still in Highschool but that her parents supported her by raising her while she completed her education.
In time we get careless and one day this daughter “catches” me at her moms on a Sunday afternoon. She gives me "attitude" the whole time she was there even telling her mom to be careful because she is tired of seeing her get her heart broken by Kenyan men!(Na niko hapo!) I thought .."what a spoilt little Bitch" but the man in me was looking at her thinking..."Jeso! if you are half as good as your mum is in bed then your boyfriend should be happy".... Ofcourse i cant allow myself to look at her sexually so i quietly “kemea” that thought!
Me and her mom are now a year or so deep in our relationship and why lie? She knows how to look after a man!
One day her mom calls me to tell me that her daughter needs to get her car serviced and would i be kind enough to take her car to my mechanic juu she cant get her meka to do it. I happily oblige but my mechanic says that he has to stay with the car overnight which was not a problem because i was going nowhere that day so the daughter could borrow my car mpaka kesho. So niko keja alone and going nowhere juu gari iko na my "girlfriends" daughter until the next day.
I spend all day at home and as i get ready to go to sleep around midnight,my phone rings and its the daughter anadai ati she has just put petrol in my then diesel car and that she is stranded about 10 miles away from my house.
I had AA Rescue cover on my insurance nikamwambia hakuna shida just let them tow it to my address i will get my meka buddy to sort it out kesho (he had done it a million times before)
Sasa gari ishaletwa and its just me and her and she is so distressed kanafikiria its the end of the world and im trying to tell her its my fault for not mentioning it and that juu she hadnt gurumishad it,it is an open and shut case of emptying the tank - No big deal! Tushatuliza and as per kawaida nyumba yangu lazima ikuwe na mkate,maziwa na vodka at any given time and i offer her some vodo which she happily accepts. Tukawaka and as she gets tipsy she starts opening up about her personal life vile ati hawezi pata msee juu wa wanaume age yake they would rather spend time with older women nyef nyef.... Nikajua kanani ingilia. I told her me and her mum were good friends. It is now 3am and i know this girl is going nowhere juu ako drinks mbaya mbov and she has no ride. Mimi niko na one bedroom flat and there is only one bed so i offer her the bed and even one of my t shirts and i was going to let her sleep on my bed while i slept on the couch in the sittingroom. Kidogo as i get ready to stretch my legs nkaona ametoka na T shirt peke yake akaenda to the loo wearing nothing more than the tisho na ngotha! Macho hayana pazia and to say that those legs were inviting would be an understatement! Asha toka toilet and as she staggers back to the bedroom through the sitting room she turns around and looks at me funny and she utters in a horny voice.."Please kuja unipatie cuddle,i am so stressed"... @Ka-Buda didnt need asking twice and as we settle in to the bed her lying on my right hand with her back against my torso,i wrapped my left hand around her waist line tightly. She then moves my left hand upper so that i can now feel her tits and i suppose this triggers her sexual senses juu i can almost feel her nipples hardening through my Tshirt.
Before long she turns around and with no word spoken she gives me the “come and get me look” with her evil eyes and she kisses me on the lips! I do not stop her advances and as she strokes my manhood gently and wraps her leg around me i know she wont stop until she has me inside her.... All these time the thought of me sleeping with her mother on the same bed crosses my mind,she must be wearing her moms perfume because she smells just like her But before i can push her away from me she is on top of me like a wild animal kissing and licking me in all the right spots and before i can explain to her the reason i cant have sex with her, i can feel my rock hard cock slipping inside her moist fanny (she obviously likes to be in charge!) There is no going back now so we do it for the rest of the night but between the thought of her mum finding out and the repair job that my car now needs, i just couldnt cum.And i get some comfort from that!
I am so consumed with guilt for the following two weeks and when the daughter comes knocking on my door 2 weeks later looking for a repeat perfomance,i am forced to tell her the truth.
I also confess the ways of my sins to her mom and although she is non too happy,i am relieved when she blames her daughter.
She forgives me and although she doesn`t talk to her daughter for more than a year after that,i break up with her and tell her to re-connect with her daughter as she is her own blood and that i was sorry for coming between them and i need to find a woman my own age.
As far as i know,they managed to get over this saga and they now have a good relationship.

Nitaweka picha kesho.


Unakula kuku na chifaranga yake? Wewe ni jogoo.

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Bet it’s the nurse… Yaani hii ni Hekaya Chapter?

Almost like a hobby for you, that bonking.

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kuku na kifaranga…now dats daring if not evil

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mpaka nione mbisha otherwise hii ni mills n boom tupu

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@kabuda. Andika kitabu.


My thoughts exactly…the dildo nurse.

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Call them hekaya or whatever but these adventures of @Ka-Buda are entertaining on a slow day.


Hehehe, @Ka-Buda is a real fisi. Unakula kuku, chifarange ma mayai?

IMHO, you should have maintained the relationship with the daughter, u dump the mom.

If the daughter and the mother conceived, the children would have a tough time establishing their relation. …step sisters/brothers and at the same time Auntie na nephew/niece…hekaya kweli

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Fisi mla watu

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Your writing is not too bad, you can give a good flowing narrative. But the stories themselves…

Nani anakumbuka ile yangu? How do you compare with @ka buda?

this is dope you jamaa

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Don’t try to steal @Ka-Buda’s thunder.


a good story should be remembered without prompting…like the memory of a good screw…

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This is how messy it can get…


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It is not in my character to ask for evidence but on this brother, the evidence is too low, ongeza evidence.