K/talkers, hii Lambo ni ya Paul Kobia kweli ama ni hallucination ?


paul kobia si ndo alikuwa kwa matatu akisnap nini wewe

Pride comes before a fall.huyu hataenda mahali.

wacha wivu bana

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Mwenye hii lambo anaishi Rongai na si kobia

Unanua gari ya 10 million na vile bump za kenya ni mbaya.

You sound like those village people who say “Unaenda university kwa nini Na hakuna kazi”

Hio ni ujinga kwanza ndio utapata ma dents kibao.

If i was the president of Kenya these show off rich cunts would pay 99% tax on their wealth.
How does it feel to live in such extravagance in a country where Aids orphans have no medicine or food to eat,where 30% of the population live on less than a dollar a day?
Africans we need to re-examine the way we treat each other.

Upus peleka mbali. Hizo statistics ulitoa wapi? Mtu asienjoy pesa zake eti juu mwingine ako na ukimwi? Unataka pesa zioze bank? If one works hard for his/her money then they have the right to enjoy as they wish as long as they don’t infringe on rights of others.


i could be wrong,but i suspect that Kobia is related to the old politician who is now dead.We all know where the old school politicians got their wealth… by milkong dry public funds,land grabbing etc.
You will never see any self made wealthy person the likes of S.K Macharia flaunting their hard earned money like this.Wezi na watoto wa wezi ndiyo wana hizi tabia.
Here is a picture of one of the wealthiest billionares in the world living a humble life bila security and still giving back to society.[ATTACH=full]1392[/ATTACH]

I am not living a lavish lifestyle. I wake up and work my balls off for 14 to 16 hours a day and i still struggle to make ends meet most of the time. Na hiyo si pesa ya baba yangu…That is hardly lavish!

Hiyo lambo si ya Kobia. Unataka uambiwe mara ngapi? If Branson lived a humbled life, hangeishi on a private island like he does currently. He too know how to enjoy his money

Capitalism is a b.tch,…the gap will get even wider I forsee even more estates where kawaida raia will never set foot in.

Wivu ndio mingi hapa, doh nizake if he didn’t buy a lambo mngejua ana doh? Nihayotu kwa sasa


That guy could afford to purchase six Airbus A380 aircraft at once. So he is actually either pretending to be a non-spender/pretending to be caring if thats a baby he is pushing, or that is his lifestyle-I suspect the former. The rich and the middle class will often pretend to show sympathy to calm down the envy of the poor and to feed their own insecurity as a class. Lakini wacha watu waspend pesa yao, after all ata mimi I dont take a portion of my meat when I buy it all time to give to the hungry children on the street. This is a society of classes, you cant change that and no one has ever changed it. Its human nature. It further extends to all social animals. You just have to fit in one of the classses.


Ingia hapo umenena, eloquently explained.

When Lenin and his Bolshevik cohorts decided to make a society free of classes by force, the communist system mutated into classes immediately. Ruling class(Lenin, friends and successors) emerged at the top of previlege scale. The poor workers emerged at the bottom. Senior military commanders, Secret police commanders, Scientists and other senior party operatives emerged at the top of the previlege scale just below the ruling class; other learned profesionals came under them in the entitlement scale. Unskilled labor and low ranking soldiers at the bottom. The system was more brutal and uncompromising. Eventually, it collapsed due to unviable economic model(Utopian). China and other communists are dumping the system slowly to save face after cultivating extreme poverty, extreme brutality, and dictatorship. Kim Jong Un is piloting North Korea to hell with communist equality utopian ideas.

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