K.P.A JOBS OPENING. Pass to your jobless bro's n' sisters. Tomorrow 8am Bandari college Mombasa.

Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.


Hii gava ya uhuru haijui the art of negotiations, kila labour disagreement the first thing they do is bring out the big guns

jobless ni wengi.gava inajua supply is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than demand

the guys are acting kiddish. Wacha tuone kama hizo unions ndio watakula

na grievances zao zilikua nini? was it automation of the system and tracking their reporting and leaving times? kama ni hizi tu siwezi wahurumia kwani wanadhani kazi ni day care

This is what is called Mind games Mourinho style. Watu watajirudisha wax mara hio hio. Put yr selves in their shoes

Shida ni kupata watu wako na skills

  1. Terminal tractor drivers
  2. Forklift Operators
  3. Top Loader operators
  4. Winch operators

wote ni in-house training + yrs of experience + acquired skill

The same tactic was used by the gava to encourage new teachers to go back to N.Eastern. Till now, many schools in the area do not have teachers.

It is only when you see a mosquito landing on your nyes that you realize there is always a way to solve problems without using a hammer

NHIF rates too high for them.

Wame rudi waks but wako on go slow… Managers are on ground filling the void.

Boss this is not north eastern… KPA managers are out of the office doing the fieldwork as we are speaking. matingatinga, ma forklifts, toploaders zina pelekwa na wadosi… saaii

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National Youth Service (NYS) Pia wako rada mabaya…wana ngoja tuh go a head… Uhuru ni mjanja !!!

The issue of new NHIF rates is contentious across all sectors- docs, teachers, nurses na hata sisi watu ya juakali. Expect more strikes.

Why is NHIF demanding more contributions from Kenyans?

1,700 ni pesa mingi sana

its ksh 20,400 per year enough to get you an inpatient cover of half a million and above with reputable health insurance companys. NHIF wanacheza