Hi all.

We are in the process of organizing a get together party at a venue to be communicated to you later, slated for Saturday the 28th March for the old k-list members to chart the way forward. Life without k-list has proven to be almost unbearable, having become very very close to members- some of whom I personally never knew!!

For those interested, kindly get in touch on [email protected] for further details on the same.

Non-members and other interested parties are also welcome.

Register here and send an email confirming the same and I shall communicate one on one to all of you.

Yours one & only,


i suspect itakua kama d**k fest :mad:

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i would personally like 2 meet@uwesmake. I have a bone 2 pick with him . The day tutapatana face to face hatajua jerry ni nani. I will give him afew slaps and blows …foolish man


@This is Gold , by the way your buddy @pendo is also coming for the event so you better be there. @Jakenya has also confirmed his attendance so you can see you wont be bored at all…

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keep us posted…i might be interested ikikaribia

Do I come as @Electronics4u or do I come as my real identity?o_O:rolleyes::eek::oops::cool:

Am coming to kill CoachP.

Forget it, I said in Dec last year that the goat eating that was being organized by M4 wouldn’t happen and fellas told me off.Did it happen?

Hey fellas, easy-easy-easy- it’s too early to start settling scores here.

@Electronics4u, it’s better if you come with your old k-list handle for ease of identification.

@Mathice, towards December last year, there was a lot of bile being spewed here- so very few listers could see eye to eye. That would have been a HUGE mad fight if guys were to meet. Can you imagine @thirdman being gang-raped by undercover Mauki Familymembers or worse still- @Fmungai sharing a table with @Crazydude…??

Drop the emails, I need to get the numbers so that we start working out something.

Sasa to chart the way forward ni nini? Get used to Ktalk.

hehe hizi vitu ni ngumu ku organize

@Deorro , this is what I mean by ‘chart the way forward’ gerrrrit??



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very bad idea

this aint working…

eh! uwes si uwa boy wa power? ama ni mtiaji?

Tunaenda matanga ya uncle Wanderi #RIP

Any plans to contribute towards wanderi’s funeral expenses @admin?

Mr Jimmy RIP

nita kuja na satelite dish na decoder nimuonyeshe fta channels.
am in