K-GAS Problem

I have an issue with my K-GAS which I refilled on 20th May 2020.

Today May 23rd, I prepared breakfast with it and switched the burner off but the gas regulator was still on. I came back after 40 mins and found the gas pipe it has “unplugged itself.” completely not connected to the burner.
I got worried at first and when I put it back and tried to switch on, nothing is responding and everything is okay. There is no smelling gas in the house, not even a bit and there is still a lot of gas. I have been using K-Gas for years and never experienced such a problem.

Kindly is there anyone who can advise me on what should I do?

Seems like the pipe wasn’t fitted well.Dissolve some soap in water to make a soapy solution.Use it to lubricate the place where you connect it to the burner.Then insert.Ingiza kabisa ndani ndani like 3 inches deep.That way it wont slip off again.
Take the gas cylinder outside to an open space,pour some of the water on the holes of the burner where the fire comes out of.Switch on the gas but dont light it,if bubbles form then it shows the gas is coming out and it is functionally ok.Switch it off,let the gas that has come out diffuse away.Bring your lighter and now switch on the gas flames.Itawaka.If it refuses to produce bubbles it means the burner is blocked and you may need to clean it using those wire brushes.With time it usually gets clogged by left over debris eg ugali,chai etc.
If it refuses return it to the dealer.

thank you for this advice. I think it’s back to normal. In my own verdict, I think the K-GAS regulator is designed for safety I have seen it even has an “Excess flow safety” stick. so what I did is I disconnected the hosepipe from the regulator and I shook it and noticed some oily fluids coming out( trust me, I know nothing about that). I put the regulator back and the problem was solved. I think that oil is made to block the excessive gas flow. I am still monitoring it to see how it behaves coz I still have doubts about it.

Nunua ile ya plastic. Safe gas.
If push comes to shove, it can’t explode.

You might be a hazard to yourself. If you don’t trust or understand the regulator just get a new one pale total, and ask for clear instructions or even a demo on how to fit. This isn’t something to joke about(uliza Ruth Matete). A new regulator and pipe should be about 1k. And advise whenever you sense gas leakage you should never switch on the lights, it might create a spark. Goodluck.

Comprehensive response, beloved John should have asked u would probably be still around

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Hio ni gani sijawai iskia

thank you for this advice, I guess I have no choice but to do that.


@Mtambaruka thts how a safe regulator should behave. pipe ikitokana huwa inajilock gas isitoke. Connect then tingisha regulator kidogo itawaka kawaida.

that’s the best part. ilinibamba na hio function.