Kwani kuna holiday kwa Mwarabu.

You are trolling.

And you had to put a thread about it?

Pika breakfast kwanza.In short take a brake kiasi.Niwaririre muno

I have been busy for the past one week, natoka job naingia overtime.
Leo took a break and as you know ktalk is a cult

No vile tobacco ina mshow. :D:D:D:D

Huku hakuna tobacco ni kuber pekee na pure blood hatumii madawa ya kulevya

ile ngamia yetu ni ajes.

Mkiwa na nani

Election Petition No. 1 of 2017: Hon. Joseph Oyugi Magwanga & Anor. -vs- IEBC & 3 Others. The legal battle was well fought. At the end, justice has been served upon the Great People of HomaBay County! Justice in the broader sense that these diligent Citizens are entitled to a free, fair, transparent election absent any irregularities, illegalities and other human interferences and/or manipulations. An election whose results are accountable, secure, verifiable and credible. An election that guarantees the secrecy, sacredness and sacrosanctity of their most basic political right, the right to vote! God bless our Judicial Officers and the Great People of Homa Bay County!

Hawa ma-moderator wa kenyaspot wako idle sana juu hakuna mtu anenda kwa ile kijiji yao ya machokosh. Kina @jaymoh, ng’ombe mzee @Abba na gangster wannabe @Jimit

A soldier ran up to a nun. out of breath he askd"plz may i hide under yr skrt? I’ll expln later." The nun accptd his rqst.a moment later, two military policemen ran up n askd"sister hav u seen a soldier?" The nun replied.“He went that way.” afta the police ran off,the soldier crawled out frm her skirt and said, i can’t thank u enough sister, i hope u wil undrstnd.i dnt wnt 2 go 2 kismayu." The nun said,"ì undstrnd completely.The soldier added,“i hop i am nt being rude, u hv a grt8 pair of legs!” The nun replied ,“if u had lookf a little higher, u would noticed i’m a man.i dnt wnt 2 go 2 kismayu either!”

They say if you walk with five Millionaires your chances of being sixth is high. Don’t mind if you don’t see me these are the kind I draw close to.
Draw closer to me and the secret is as good as you guess.

hutaki kunukisha kitunguu.

Hehe sawa


@Kimakia = @Mathaais

Never ever!

Na ni nini sijakujibu kwa huu uzi

Not on this one, the other one in the morning.

I quoted and answered you, kubali tu we ni @Kimakia @nguku