Justice Smokin Wanjala smokes ka-sumsing before addressing mourners

Naskia huko western chang’aa na busaa ni right of passage mkienda matanga au mazishi. Ki-ombitho pia. Ama he was just devastated by the death of his good friend?


He was “hit” by the death of his close friend and school mate ouna. he is just mourning in samia.“ndarira endie omwicha wange” means “how will I cry my friend”. But Western lazma Cham ikue time ya matanga.

hii kazi ya maraga ilikua moto mpaka hawa majamaa wakaogopa kuapply …huyu stupid bukusu like his ilk ran away to london when the country was on the precipice! pan tambua yeye kwanza ile dossier wako nayo on him ! huyu akiambiwa jump anauliza how high…

Hes a true samia…thats how you mourn your close buddy

True he has a problem with the bottle.

And chicks.

so he smokes dem out

Respect my cousin bana

Sasa hii ilitokea wapi?

It’s well known pale Funyula that smokin ni msee anapenda Cham. Si hata mkuna tako ndo alifunza Sonko kuvaa googles kuficha Macho.


:DSober as a judge

How is that a problem?

Its not…si thats how things are supposed to be.

Was at a joint and they guy was just having fun with his buddies…man was just enjoying himself dancing…didnt know it was him till someone pointed him out…nilishtuka…was just making small talk…whats wrong with a man unwinding in a club? Anyway pole kama ume misunderstand.

Grow a pair brare fukin eunuch ghaseeer takataka

Eunuch niliskia ulilia sana ulipokatwa makende

An faggot and an eunuch to boost,?@poyoloko come u cum

Putting the msemo ''as sober as a judge" into perspective :D:D:D