justice odunga

Swali tuu how comes he rules all cases against the government and its institutions and swali for the lawyers ukianzisha kesi do you go to a Judge you want ama CJ ndio anaamua judge Ana deal na kesi coz nimeona ODM ime peleka kesi ile ya ku nyanganya abughairwhaterver printing ballot papers kwake na aksema kesi anaskiza kesho . Hapo akikazia iebc naona duale akimeza ngamia mzima na kuambia muturi a reconvene parliament wacheze tyranny of nambas. Huyu judge BABA akiingia president anapewa chief justice na ule homosexual mkamba prof wa huko US apewe AG .


Hehe hata mimi hapo pa kuchagua judge sielewi but it had to be him of all.

thats a gud 1 ati mkamba wat ?? :smiley:

Hujui ule mkamba profesa mjinga hutetea ma homo daily

Odunga cartels zitamumaliza

Quadrey huyo ni Pope John Poke?

Babuon’s personal judge.
All media personnel, trade unionists (doctors and nurses) from O regions have been whipped into line to support babuons last bullet. Just look keenly you will observe the trend.

Danny Welbeck

Quadrey huyo ndio pope wa arsenal akishapona tunachukua champions league

Cc @123tokambio chieth

its said a good lawyer knows law but a smart lawyer knows the judge

Uwesmakei Odunga is the best performing judge in Kenya

Controversial High Court Judge George Odunga (above) has been honoured for heading the most efficient court division.

The Judiciary Performance Management and Measurement Evaluation report showed the Odunga-led Judicial Review division, at the Milimani Law Courts, was the most efficient and faster in hearing and determining cases.

“Justice Odunga’s division was rated the best performing High Court station in terms of service delivery. Despite having more than 500 initiated cases, the report found that judges in the division were able to determine them within 60 days after final submissions,” said the report.

Justice Odunga was, last year, at the centre of a political storm between Jubilee and CORD.

Leader of Majority Aden Duale had threatened to introduce a motion to discuss the conduct of the judge, accusing him of being biased and issuing orders that favoured the Opposition.

Justice Odunga was awarded the certificate by Chief Justice David Maraga yesterday during a ceremony at the Supreme Court to mark one year after the launch of performance monitoring of judicial officers.


lakini most of ye people are ignorant too, which division of high court does Odunga Head?

(doctors and nurses) from O regions have been whipped into line to support babuons last bullet. Hapa umenitupa, so CBAs should not be honoured? The strike is everywhere mpaka hapa Mathari for Wenda wazimu. Next week Clinical officers are calling for a strike. This ministry of health needs Matiangi type who will deal with governors and medical officers somberly

Jatelo tuchanue hata kama Ana head court . kesi za NASWA zote zinaenda kwake

Tumeambiwa mara ngapi sde.co.ke ni ya[ATTACH=full]107326[/ATTACH]

I hope you haven’t procreated yet, you can’t pass on this dumbassery to an offspring. Hiyo ni balaa tupu you’ll be subjecting future citizens. Did this sound smart in your head as you were typing it?

jealousy itakumaliza

Listen kids, acquaint yourselves with the courts system in Kenya and what a principal judge does. Justice Odunga is a constitutional judge. All cases, raised by either side of the political divide, land on his desk, provided they are constitutional cases. The reason he seems to be favoring NASA is because the incumbents are hell bent on bending the law to suit them.
But hey, lets stick with the narrative that makes sense to the village halfwits: Odunga is a personal judge who’s sole mandate is to rule cases against the government and in favor of Baba.

And whoever loses the cases can always appeal to a higher court.

Helluva statement!!!
Very few among us will grasp what you have said?