Justice Njoki Susanna Ndung'u

In my humble opinion I think the entire SCOK ought to be fired. Most are clearly biased! What’s the procedure for this? Should a vote of no confidence be passed? Wakwende kabisa.


Does that mean every lawyer in Kenya is qualified to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court?

Sasa kama tulikubali CJ mwenyewe ako na earnings na alikua activist ni nini ingine tulikua tunataka


YES!that is the primary qualification.

Wewe the fact that you are a wariah and a Muslim disqualifies you from replying to any of my posts.

Na ukitaka matusi tengeneza thread tukutane huko


Opinion is like an asshole, everyone is entitled to one. How you use it is your choice!


Her elder sister Njoki Ng’ang’a was the head of Olympic primary back in its hey days. I don’t know how its related to the thread but I have big respect for her earned from the elder sister who used to be my headmistress at Olympic. Anyone who schooled there can affirm to the sentiment

Fanya hivi basi.

Instead ya kupost threads hapa, shusha suruali. Hara. Dip your finger in the poop. And write on your toilet walls msomange na nzi


In my life I haven’t seen anyone display their asshole in public.


Did some POs deliberately refused to sign those said forms, from what was used as evidence it was clear that those unsigned forms were areas where the petitioner won


this is why I’m saying the ruling was a joke.


No but the JSC had no issues with that when she was interviewed and found to be fit among the 27 applicants

Ojwang’s wife was appointed by Uhuru as a PS. Ojwang was Uhurus favourite for Chief justice. what do you expecti…? do you remember Ojwang, Njoki and Ibrahim being investigated for misconduct ?

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Kenyans need to demand more, especially in regards to meritocracy, accountability and integrity. Today was a start with the ruling and it has nothing to do with Uhuru or Raila.

It’s about a set of rules, in this case, the law. It is plain and simple. Did the IEBC follow the law to the letter in their execution of their duties? Not piecemeal but wholly?

Her argument was counter to that in her dissenting opinion and thus this thread.

Whom does your opinion represent?

Did you read my initial post? We were at the infancy. This was the first Supreme Court in Kenya. With the passing of time, she is not qualified to sit on that bench due to her lack of judicial experience.

By the way, she had never spoken in this or the prior petition until today.

Am sure if she didn’t dissent, praises would be the order of the day, for her patriotism. But now she’s a Uthamakistan with Ojwang a traitor…

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Stop muddying the waters. Where has anyone said that they are traitors?

Hii tabia is very unbecoming of Justice Njoki Ndungu - drinking with David Murathe, Jubilee Party Vice Chairman while the presidential election petition was still going on.


Hata PLO Lumumba pale anticorruption commission thought he would boss around people in government juu aliwa na an independent body. I am estimating six months after the elections are over and that bench will be singing a different tune.