Justice Njoki Susanna Ndung'u

Masister wawili waitwe njoki.jinga

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@Swansea you make a sound argument but team RWNBP & Uthamaki defenders will never try to hear you!

Its true justice Mumbi Ngugi would make a better representative to the supreme court to balance out our tribal representation same can be argued for our parliamentary speaker people like Kabando wa Kabando would have been better.


Supreme court applied the principle of Finis coronat opus=THE PRODUCT IS AS GOOD AS THE PROCESS THAT PRODUCES IT

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Ni polygamous family my fren’ act like an elder bro.

I think you’re the one that needs growing up

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Then use the correct language.
And anyway huyo njoki nganga sio daughter of the nganga who was secretary general wa knut?

Dude not all nganga’s are related

Its already muddy.
Why then has this become an issue yet she’s been there for almost a decade, no one, including learned members of parliament, ever raised any concerns. Why now after she’s aired her dissent. Coincidence?

Ni spade, sio kijiko kubwa…


Who owns Olympia?lets start there.

In that case, you haven’t lived yet.

Case adjourned… The rest ni normal argument

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Pedestrians on the move, tukutane kwa debe

As if there will be an appeal

Niko na sista wawili wanaitwa Wairimu. One named after my maternal grandmother the other after my dad’s eldest sister.

Being a judge prior to becoming a SCJ is no requirement. Former CJ too was an activist not a judge.
I think we ought to respect each one’s opinion. As I havr said before, we can not be ejecting judges simply because their verdicts don’t agree with your opinion. We will be creating a banana republic where we cant be adhering to the rule of law because of our tribalistic minds


Always thought Mutunga too was not suited for that position. The reason I said so, law just as medicine, are a practice, which leads to the expertise. You get better and seasoned with time. Prior to her sitting on the bench, she had never written any judgment or opinion and lacked that requisite experience.

Why do we as Kenyans always have to look at any argument through a tribal prism? It is sad really especially when this young generation does it.

Wanjala was not prectising law either, tell us about him


You probably watch too much porn and Indian documentaries.

Tell us more…

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weka mbisha kama ni over 18