Justice Martha Koome

Watching her live interview for the CJ posishen.
She is articulate, eloquent (albeit with vaite accent), well informed, composed, commanding respect, intelligent and smart looking.
She deserves to be ze next CJ.

Lakini mwanamke haezi kuwa Chief.

Hii yote ni upuzi mnyambo wa punda tu. People talk big during interviews lakini wakipata kazi ni kuhang koti kwa kiti na kuenda kulewa na kudinyana. Halafuuu, if a woman takes over as CJ, does it mean both top seats will be occupied by tiita carriers? Si niliskia sijui if CJ is a josto carrier then the deputy has to have a tiita, and vice versa?

Why cant you support your gender?

Whom do you think will nail it, as in the preference of powers that be ?

Fred Ngatia.

Tia Dalma outed that the handle is male owned on another post. That aside women are their own worst enemies.

You Nailed it, Ngatia is the man for the job, period.

I agree, straight talking and really doesn’t have to think about her answers. She is full of confidence and knowledgeable. This commissioner has spent a long time to box her in unfavorable contextualized situation then use that to ask a question directed at her. She just brings him back to reality comfortably and diminishes all that speculations. For example all the questions asked to her are perceptions, what if this happened? What of people thought like this? What if this happened? Now this is how you did it.

nice lady am sure she will make it to the supreme court but not CJ .

mtu alipewa tender ya electronics ni umbwa kabisa kila time ni kutengeneza microphone

Chesha shini?
[SIZE=1]ni mimi…[/SIZE]

She is more than qualified according to my assessment

The CJ was chosen a long time ago by the powers that be. The so called interviews are a just smokescreen.

After Maraga’s judgment in 2017 you think the bigshots will allow anyone who doesn’t toe the line to be CJ?