kwani the whole movie is in slow-motion?? ingekuwa awesome kama wangeadopt this script though. saw some hints of it in there



Shit looks good. I was one of the doubters but it’s like a completely different film.

Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch. Slow motion is a must in action films directed by Snyder.

Inasemekana snyder cut is different from the 2017 one which was produced by a different producer. This one looks like its going to be awesome.

What happened to manly movies like commando or conan the barbarian or die hard or even Unforgiven ???

Hollywood has become so leftist, ga.y and feminized kazi tu nikutengeneza CHILDISH, nerdish nonsense from comic books to please Democrat mama’s boys like @slevyn @Jimit and @Freakazoid @screwplus .

Hollywood can’t make a real movie with real manly dialogue because it will be politically incorrect.

Clint Eastwood can’t curse or slap a woman or a native American on the silver screen because it is politically incorrect.

Now all we are left is bullshit set in imaginary worlds about imaginary super heroes who talk like homosexual gentlemen with hoarse voices.

And when was the last time you watched a Hollywood movie about a happily married couple???

Will Smith was playing married man when he was saving the world in Independence Day… not any more.

Every star nowadays is a confused, afraid to commit MGTOW, red pilled motherfucker.

In short Hollywood continues their war on the institution of marriage and babies.

Just looking at that trailer you see Wonder Woman the ultimate red pilled feminist who beats up men and in the evening eats pussy after spending the day saving the world.

Wonder woman the ultimate dyke.

Manly movies are called “toxic masculinity” by brain dead far-left cult members.

Wonder woman has a boyfriend, which by itself is rear in 2021 hollywood considering almost everyone is gay or bisexual.
Nuclear family is patriarchy according to feminazis.:D:D:D

What is the name of that lesbian who plays Wonder woman?

There was a time you knew the actor or actress by name : I’m going to see Tom Cruise, Travolta, Morgan Freeman or Barbara Streisand or Natalie Portman… siku hizi ni strangers who are there for one second and disappear the next. The turnover rate for stars/actors is ridiculous.

There are like 3 or 4 unknown Englishmen with unknown names playing spiderman in different movies at the same time.

Same with music. People you have never seen before. Here one second gone the next.

For instance ati huyu sasa ni top hollywood star…

Who is this person?


He is even boring to look at not to mention a horrible actor.

Yet Hollywood shoves him down people’s throats simply because he is BLACK and has an ENGLISH accent.

His name is John Boyega and he was recently protesting against the unlawful killing of George Floyd by the racist, patriarchal, white supremacist and transphobic Minneapolis Police Department

The woman is Gal gadot an ex israel soldier. Yeye ameolewa and has kids.

Director’s cuts of a movie are usually fire. Kwanza Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition was on another level. The theatrical version was 130 minutes long. The director’s cut was 180 minutes long of pure action and niceness.

Kwanza huyu alichoka na hao racist wamejaa disney.

Hii kwanza ilifanywa na two directors. Snyder cut ikishika itaonyesha vision ya previous director ilikuwa chini sana

Zack Snyder anakuanga ligi ingine

Clearly you are very young if you actually believe that Zack Snyder is a director worthy of saying ako lingi ingine.

The only movie this guy directed worth any notice was 300 and all the kids from that generation now think he is a film king of sorts.

And 300 was more visual than story so you have his Chinese American cinematographer to thank for that as well as the small army of VFX artists.