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I have realized something some sort of a phenomena that needs investigation and proper documentation. In a family with more than one girls, beauty and sexiness improves from the firstborn moving towards the last born. The first born usually takes after the mother then the siblings bear improved physical appearance with the lastborn being the best it can be. It therefore goes without saying that a man stands to benefit more if he marries the last born or anything other than the first

The younger (above 16 years) the clitoris the Sweeter the squirt

Minors do not have sexual organs to be discussed in such a way… Talk about 18 and above.

more Than to approve I can attest to the research that needs PHD approval.

Hii ni maembe analysis umefanya.

This is something I have observed

Uongo mtupu. You are comparing an old woman probably at menopause versus a 20 year old. every woman has her time. last borns make undesirable wives behaviour-wise.

:smiley: Now that you have mentioned it, nimefikiria nikaona ni kweli!

Just go through the families you know and you will proof my hypothesis. Infact there is one family am almost taking a photo for research purposes. They have four girls and some boys in between. The first born girl aged about 32 is like some prehistoric creature, no feature worth discussing the second is an improved version of the first the third is at average female looks the fourth is beautiful and the fifth now in law school is a wonderful creation. She once accompanied me to a party in lavington and everybody in the room was texting me asking for her relationship with me. When I introduced her as a daughter to our family friend I became an instant hit to all men in the room who wanted her number. Little did they know am also investing in means n ways of exploring her cookie jar!

hakuna research apo. mama watoto akiona genes zako zinaleta wasichana sura mbovu anagawa puthy nje kwa good genes watoto wanakua warembo. two different fathers, ugly genes and beautiful one

:D:D:Dsijui mbona nacheka guess I wasn’t expecting the usual

Ukweli kabisa