Just who are the people of Turkey/Turkiye?

Just who are the turks?
Majority of racial groups in Europe are Caucasians of Indo-european origins. However, the Eastern and central Europe has a considerable Turkic component
It is said that their origin is somewhere central Asia most of which is now in Russia. They are more related to the Chinese kind of people but they are not Chinese because a wall had to be built to keep china safe. They however share some features like round sparsely bearded faces and seem to struggle to keep eyes open. The main difference is the have been a Chinese are a very peaceful and industrious people while the Turkic types historically were a hyper-belligerent horse-loving nomads.
Over the past millennia, these Turkics have conquered and settled in various part of Europe where currently their genetic imprint is unmistakable. For example, Hungary was founded by a Turkic people known as Magyars who also form considerable minorities in neighbouring countries of Eastern Europe.
One main place the Turkics wasted and settled in was present day Turkey which in the past was known as Anatolia. The Anatolians are descendants of an early European group that are better known for the extinct kingdom of Hittites that used to challenge Egypt when it was a world super power. During the Byzantine era Anatolians were Christian and spoke Greek.

After founding of Islam the Turkics of central asia and the Caucasian steppes became Muslims and a specific tribe known as the Seljuks went on Jihad among soft white wazungu. About 600 years ago they destroyed remnants of the 1000 year old Eastern Roman Empire and created the Ottoman Empire. Last century that empire died and gave way to the Republic of Turkey (Turkiye) that now has a population of about 90 million.
This country is a member of NATO but was denied entry to EU mainly because of the sharia law which does not comply with European standards of human rights. Turks are considered near/middle eastern infact many think they are Arab.

But its confusing seeing most ‘Turks’ have fair skin and hair similar to that of other Europeans. Calling them Turks seems misguided. A perusal of Wikipedia reveals that the Turkic component in Turkey is very low. Most “Turks”(over 50%) are European damu, being descendants of the Anatolians and Mediterranean Whites.
Among senior NATO members Turkiye has refused to show its hand in the ongoing war in Ukraine. The only major contribution in the initial phases was the Bayraktar drone but this has long been neutralized and they quietly withdrew from the mad arms race. This is somehow unexpected as its long-time ally Germany that seems to have shouldered most of the support for Ukraine, being second only to US. This behaviour corresponds to the perplexing stand they took when Russia and US took opposing sides of the long bloody Syrian civil war. The only time they quickly foam in the corners of the mouth is when the word “Kurd” is mentioned. Did they, like dorobo, discover that NATO/EU is just a front for germanic mongols bent on dominating other races?

Please tell us a bit about the Kurdish question you’ve hinted at. My understanding is foggy about who they really are.

so you want to mark my composition teacher? kurds are also an ancient indo-european group. were once part of Persian Empire but under skewed post-world war one treaties were subdivided among three countries… the skewness arose from interest of European countries that wanted something out of the dead Ottoman Empire. The kurds should have been given their own country or at least could have had their lands made to belong wholly to Iran/Persia. The compromise between victorious WW1 powers and Turkey put the Kurds on the war path. The Americans and germanics have been milking this situation and causing turkey to sulk within NATO. (Saddam alinyongwa onstensibly to placate Kurds)

Hehe, I wasn’t trying to belittle you.
I knew Kurds were somewhat connected to Turks, but Ididn’t know exactly how. I could have spent time doing a long wild internet search for info I guessed you already had. Thanks.

@il torobo @Unataka kujua ili?

All Mongoloid. Ghengis Khan alikuwa anainseminate everything from the east Asia to Europe. Hence you find “Chinese” looking people in Russia, Afghanistan all the way to Poland etc

there is this ufc fighter called shavkat rakhmonov from khazakhistan and his appearance is that of an asian person. this explains why.
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Na Dracula alikua real life figure ama ni myths Tu. Type a lil history coz seems unajua something about em

Not to digress from the subject of this thread but lots of people from Turkic countries share these features. Some Indian, Pakistani, Afghans and Russians (of course) as well. I wonder what evolutionary benefits such facial features serve(d). I think I read somewhere that “slit eyes” helped reduce the glare of reflected sunlight on ice but me thinks there must be more reasons.

maybe the weather plays its part