just thinking...kuuliza sio ojinga

who should we reward,the big mouthed thinker or a quite worker???
there is an old man going around the country telling people that our hero is implemening his projects,at one point he said that Waiguru is being used to upgrade his slum using his design and idea that he was implementing in his mind for 20yrs

should we reward him or should we reward the one implementing the ideas


I always wonder why no 2017 candidate is stepping forward and steal his position in the media. We see this guy ranting on telly coz opposition is dead. About second lady, I think she has her work cut out na haendi mahali, she takes all the credit as well.


Tunangoja 2022 tuone watu wakikosana

2017 ushaoga mkono

Thika Rd was his project when he was Roads minister but Kibaki stole his idea and built the road.
Low electricity prices were his brain child as Energy minister but Jubilee stole his idea and started policies to lower power costs.
Slum upgrading was his project as Prime Minister but he somehow didn’t implement it till Waiguru actualized it.
Is there anything this man can’t claim as the originator?


icc was his idea,all by pass was his idea but kibaki stole it…everything was his …mau was his idea

Mkimaliza siasa za who says this and who said that, Kenya itabaki papa hapa.


He opposed even Jomo Kenyatta?? :eek::eek::eek:

Wahenga wailisema “Kizuri cha ziuza, kibaya cha jitembeza”

utangoja mpaka sema 2032

There are areas that will vote for Uhuru in 2017 watu wata shangaa

I also remember that raila was the master planned of 82’

mimi kusema ukweli sitaki kubonga vibaya juu ya mtu yeyote, kila mtu ana udahifu wake na pia ana uzuri wake, wacha niendelee kuzingatia uzuri

by the way ile campaign ya okoa sijui suruali iliishaje or it was dead in the (birth)water?