Just sold my Kinyozi and I sold my salon a 5 months ago, what business can I try that does not involve employees am thinking pool table, any thoughts?

What are your thoughts about a pool table business around Tasia area?

Bila guard maChokosh zitaharibu token meter zicheze free

There’s hardly anyone to trust especially if you have a fulltime job

Well biz utajulia mbele but unge endelea na kinyos yako watu ni kuvumilia

Seems wewe pia ni chokosh

kinyos ungeweka cctvs ukuwe waangalia na simu ukiwa job…then work on commission basis but juu umeuza, jaribu food industry but kama hautakuwa hapo pole.

Ur hand in business is clearly not working out. Weka pesa kwa bond unyonye interest as u work for muhindi.

Papaswa boobs forefore utulie sisty

Capital yako ni mangapi

Always make it your goal to earn money once. Right now you have the money to invest in a business.

Guess what that makes you? A WINNER. Pool table biz is the worst idea ever because it attracts jobless people (trouble).

Why?? Put your money in Central Bank and watch it grow as you sleep.

[SIZE=6]Wrong,[/SIZE][SIZE=4]the biz works. Yangu imework for 5 yrs now, you just need a trustworthy guy to operate it. [/SIZE]

See, there’s a catch. If your guy decides to go rogue that means your business collapses? Too risky.

You are lucky to get your money back.Take time to choose your next business,make sure you’re passionate about it.Choose a business that you can do even in the next 10 to 30 years.All businesses are challenging and go through tough times.Only those that stick to the businesses survive.

Wait… are you guys joking ama you haven’t understood that OP doesn’t want to start a pool table business? He wants suggestions for businesses where his/her employees won’t play him/her like a pool table.

Led me the cash nikuwe nalipa mdogo mdogo na interest