JUST IN: IEBC PRESS STATEMENT - 11th Oct, 2017 20:08hrs

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Shaglabagla jirongo can’t be on the ballot. He’s broke. Someone will sue to have his name removed.

Ooh now that is wisdom, chebukati hapo amejaribu

This letter is not on any of their platforms. They always post such stuff. Umetoa wapi?

Tukutane kwa debe basi

Superbly communicated. JaKuon can either get form 24A (isn’t it time-barred?) or sit still and get that wembe.

Glad to see IEBC stick to the date. Hiyo waana ya constitutional crisis na caretaker government wapeleke Bondo.

@admin please, please, pin this post, please.

Cc Electronics4u, old monk, Mundu Mulosi, Village Chief


Link ya hii document? It’s not on their Twitter feed.

Hii tutaamini Chebukati akitusomea rife rife.

Laws are designed for humans not the other way round.
He can still be on the paper for time and logistic reasons, but his votes not to count. I believe even Kiala was on the Machakos ballot but he had already withdrawn.
Sometimes I think logic should prevail.

Even Miguna’s running mate bolted and remained in the ballot.



This is wonderful news.

hata wakijaza form 24A saa hii na wapeleke iebc, it’s time bared. Tulisema raila ni upuzi tu alikuwa nayo…

Thank you! Next meeting - Debe.

Good news!! Orengo misadvised Mganga!..As things are turning out NASA is caged and all its hopes of sabotaging the polls through their withdrawal has all but fizzled out…

Form 24A to be presented on 25th Oct 2 Months before Christmas.


Pauline Njoroge - Mukuru kwa Zukabaga

Thats why its good news! Nobody wants this situation to persist. Things have literary stopped. Lets go to the ballot on the 26th!