Just in case you didn't know

Safaricom is selling what they are calling weekend pass. It’s 2gb at Kshs 400 exclusive to 4g subscribers!

I think it’s a good deal. Now I will update all those applications nagging endlessly with updates notifications.

Buy 2gb from telkom for 250 bob and enjoy for a week.


Wapi? data inaexpire na siku mbili tu?

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How can I buy this on my Safaricom line?

Telkom weekly 2gb @245 Bob. Alafu 4g4free.

Tell them. i have been using orange data all along…safaricom is too expensive

Airtel has good offers too. Siiiida ni network coverage. Yaani una load mbandoz za nguvu unafika place zingine hakuna network. UMEFII


Hawa watu ni bure kabisa. I am in Thika and their network is totally unreliable. Ilibidi nihame airtel roho safi.

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Safaricom fibre for life! Alternative ni olange/ telcom

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Very true…yaani ni kama wanataka mbandoz zao utumie ukiwa cbd. Nikiwa Kinoo area hamna kitu.
Nikiwa Msa, niende Bamburi hakuna ntwrk.


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offer gani airtel wako nayo poa?

@Chifu ???

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Hehe where I live I have a special specific place for my Airtel wifi connection



I hope with time they’ll become omnipresent like their wireless network…

I do use hotspot most of the time. I realised kuna places kwa nyumba inashika, but ukisonga an inch you are ferked.
Hii ni uchawi tuu.

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‘Discovering’ that spot took patience and engineering level calibration hehe


Sema scumpaka

How reliable is telecom?

When did you incorpporate ya own telcom? Olange?

That’s where Saf beats them at their own game, sometimes very slow and no network connectivity. Bure saaana

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