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God forbid that i have to need this infor. thanks all the same.

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Getting ice cubes while away from home can be a tricky affair… Good info…

what if you cannot access ice cubes… i.e if it happens on the road?
Is there another option?

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Come to think about it I’ve never thought about what happens when you lose a finger or something else. Like I always assume hiyo Imeenda and cannot be attached back and function

Munaongea kuhusu?

Shida ni paperbag itatoka wapi. Can we forward this to NEMA tuone kama watabadili nia?


First thing I would imagine is to seal it up, keep it away from more dirt and contamination.

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That piece of ear mike tyson bit off Evander holyfield and spit it on the canvas in round III of their rematch was later stitched back.
Stupid mike tyson wasnt doing bad by that round.

It can, as long as iletwe faster na usiwe mvutaji wa sigara.

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