Just concerned

I am at a function where a live band has been hired to entertain the guests. What has irritated me is the fact that they sang the national anthem in a tune that would make our freedom fighters roll in their graves.

My question to you talkers, is there a law in Kenya barring one from distorting the tune of the anthem? If there isn’t, then there must be enacted one. I am concerned because it isn’t the first time I have heard these bands distorting the tune.
Team n

You take this patriotism thing way too seriously. Its just a song


If you weren’t a new villager, I would have condemned you, but I will advise you instead.

The threshold of evidence required here is quite high- beyond reasonable doubt. Anything falling short of the threshold is called HEKAYA.

As such, could you attach some supporting docs- something like mbisha of the band, a recording of their music, invitation card ya function, their contract ti perform or even the coordinates of the scene of crime.


In High school we sung the national anthem in a very different tune that was unique to the school

Mbisha nitaleta

Its more than just a song. It should be taken with the seriousness it deserves. lives were lost man.


Flags, national anthems, patriotism its all nonsense. Imaginary lines drawn in the sand by some muzungu somewhere to describe this nation and that nation, and you have no say on which divide of the line you fall into


National Anthem yetu is extremely boss even just as a musical piece.

Imaginary lines are better than no lines at all, just ask any somali or sudanese and theyll tell you. Kenya has been peaceful for so long we are now taking that peace for granted.

Like 1992, 1997 likoni and 2007-8 never happened. And the ongoing shaabs massacre!

I was talking about civil war. think beyond your nose!

Sounds like you might have killed someone in the aforementioned years and am too nosy for your liking. Might it be 2007/2008? Or you are MRC/Al shabaab. Pepo chafu shindwe!

Oh man… U really are dumber than I thought.

Oh man… U really are dumber than I thought.