Just came across this story from a lady's group,wanaume this is serious, what can you advice this wo

Reported as it is.Long read but this is so sad

Dear Ladies, I need your advice before I call it quits, am desperate

I got married to my husband and have lived together to six years. I love my husband and he loves me so much and always has been there for me.
Two years ago my husband had a big job with a big NGO here in Nairobi. His pay was well and took care of me and my son well. We had it all. however the NGO had some issues with the government and decided to pull out leaving its workers jobless,my husband included. This got us by surprise since we had not speculated and even planned our future. We had no investments, no home of our own,no business. I am a social worker so my pay would not even afford a portion of our previous lifestyle.
With not much savings we started experiencing problems one after another. Our car bought on loan was repossessed, we had to move to a smaller house, intact with time we got an affordable place in Mathare, where my salary could afford to pay. My husband continued searching to a job but in vain. Life became unbearable, he got into depression and just stayed home sleeping most of the time.

Being a prayerful woman I decided to seek devine intervention. I shared my issues with some of my prayer warriors but since I was not of their class they started keeping a distance.Same to my church members and cell group members of the church. That’s when it dawned on me that people will walk with you only when you have the status.
A close friend who stood by me through these problems decided to introduce me to this evangelist in town, very well known (won’t share his name or details since the case is being handled by FIDA) He was a prophet and could see things. I talked to my husband and he agreed on meeting him.

We first met him and he prayed on us, at first he was so pleasant and gave us the hope we are seeking.
He saw the root cause of our problems originating from my husbands home. He even requested to come to our house in the slum to pray,but we needed to do a sacrificial giving. We didn’t have much, however my husband had a small plot back home. We were assured that once we give a sacrifice everything will be OK and he saw my husband getting a big job.

My husband went home and sold the plot at a throw away price and all the proceeds given to the man of God. His even accompanied us to my husband’s home to make prayers and “remove” things.

We did all he requested and prayed and waited. Any money I got from my salary from tithe to prayer giving ll went to that church.
We ran even broke and even went nights without food. My son was chased.

One day he called us with a weird request. He instructed my husband to travel back home and get him some soil dug from there,so that he could pray. He instructed me to send my child to my friends place and attend kesha just me and him at the church. We abided.

At the church, we prayed till late.At the middle of the night he told me he got a revelation that my husband was cursed and dedicated to spirits by his parents. The only away to break the curse was to have sex with him. I though it was a joke,but he was serious. He told me if I don’t follow this advice I have no business praying with him. I complied.After we finished he made me swear never to tell anyone or something bad would happen.

Fast forward.

He started ignoring us in church. He even started telling other members to avoid us since we had a pact with the devil.

My husband was devastated of selling his land only to be shown all these. Weeks later we were excommunicated. I had never told my husband of sleeping with him. He warned if I did I will see his wrath.

Two weeks ago after going for a checkup after experiencing bouts of diarrhoea and fever, I was diagnosed with HIV. Its been 8 months after we has sex and he had infected me.

I have not told my husband,my friend who introduce me can’t even look at me after our names were smeared by this pastor.

I’m contemplating suicide.

[SIZE=5]Ujinga niki pawa ! [/SIZE]

Ni kama najua huyo prophet, but again none of my business.

Weuh!!! This narrative is all too familiar, I cannot understand how people still fall for this prosperity pastors.

Nikirecover from this shock, nitakam kucomment

Kuna watu wako church mstari wa kwanza na pale kwa pulpit watakuwa wa kwanza kutupwa jehanamu.

That lady is an idiot and a coward…

ujinga ni kipawa

i hear kuna church roysambu ati ukienda pastor/evangelist anakwambia kila kitu umekuwa ukifanya na chenye kitakufanyikia

this one seems like one of those hekayas

Ushenzi…people still believe in 310-seed sh!t.??

Sasa this is below the babooned IQ as guka would called it. Hawa wanafaa viboko, bwanake na huyu mdem. How comes watu ni wajinga hivi?

Ako na the big one? Na utashangaa the case itaenda hivo

Desperation can make you eat mavi ukiambiwa

Sikia mjinga mwengine hapa,then if so , why not attend with your first lady for prayers.

I swear I have ever been broke, too broke that I never ate anything for 3 days, with no sleep too. But sigwes fikiria ufala ka huo.

Ni gani hiyo, sasa ikishajua what itakufanyikia what happens,

some people shoulndt sire

nakwambia niliskia sio kuenda huko, my first lady doesnt need prayers

Go to church. Don’t think church people are your friends, they are not.

Small talk achia wamama kwa their chamas. That’s my MO.

PS the lady’s husband is a puthy