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The mother of a girl who was brought up with one of the identical twins from Kakamega County took away her daughter on Friday, sparking a disagreement.
Drama unfolded when Mrs Angelina Omina, who was accompanied by police officers, took away her daughter Mevis Imbaya as relatives of the identical twins were preparing to meet Governor Wycliffe Oparanya accompanied with the girls.
Mrs Omina accused relatives of the twins of piling pressure on her daughter to continue living with Mrs Rosemary Onyango, the mother of the twins at their home in Fufural in Likuyani Sub-County.
In the ensuing commotion, a relative of the identical twins Mr Shem Abuti was shoved and roughed up while trying to stop police officers from handing over Mevis to her mother.
Mr Abuti said the two families had planned to visit Governor Oparanya in the company of the girls when the disagreement erupted.
“The girls have expressed the wish to continue staying together after the release of the DNA results but we read mischief in the decision by the mother of Imbaya to forcefully take away her daughter,” said Mr Abuti.
Kakamega County Police Commander Mr Bernard Muli said the DNA results had settled the issue of the parentage of the girls and the two families need to resolve the disagreement.
“This matter was settled after the DNA results were released and cleared showed who were the parents of the identical twins and the other girls,” said Mr Muli.
A DNA tests released last Saturday showed that Sharon Mathius and Melon Lutenyo are biological twins. The medical tests were conducted by Lancet Kenya.
“Ms Rosemary Khaveleli Onyango could not be excluded as the biological mother of the twins who have compatible obligatory maternal allelic profile with a 99.999 per cent probability,” the report stated.
The tests also showed that Mevis Imbaya exhibited a compatible obligatory maternal and paternal allelic profile with those of Ms Angeline Omina and Mr Wilson Lutah Maruti respectively.
Angelina Omina. Kakamega twins

so they were meeting with Oparanya for what exactly? Politicians…so silly

This is the same lady that yaped her big mouth that during pregnancy that she had triples, forcing a narrative that the other mother was a child thief…huyu mama ni kisirani banae.

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The thing is yeah…somebody messed up 19years ago…a mistake that can never be reversed, no matter what compensation they get. But all the way the black mother is acting up like she is the only one. At least for her raising one of the twins seemed a consolation. But the lighter mother raised a complete different child than she should have.

alafu ati aambiwe sasa abaki hivo. This young girls will be fucked up in life. They need serious counselling which i doubt they will get