Just asking

How many of the talkers here can buy sindilia aka kijuku or ngotha for their better half.




I can lakini si Mtumba.

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You get laid by the boutique chicks when shopping for a thong/gstring.true story. Kama ni mother’s union you won’t.

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Non of the above

i have. new ones lakini. severally.

there is a high likelihood of getting the size wrong. so mpe pesa akajinunulie for the sake of peace


research kwanza about the size so it doesn’t backfire when you get it wrong…but when you get it right the look on their face…gold. @Purr_27 , @Unicorn -what do you think?

Chieth, if you have no woman go wank ====================>> HUKOOOOO

Haha … hata sijui kwanini na cheka

I think it is kinda sweet…:wink:

lets ask @Akeelah if she can accept a mtumba bra

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HELL NO!! Siwezi vaa kitu imevaliwa na mzungu:mad:

Why would you buy someone a mtumba bra in the first place.Thats an insult:(

Never EVER use the word severally to mean several times. I know you have a good memory so you will remember.

thanks sir, i stand corrected. i should have known…

And on Sunday the 7th of June, I learnt something from a grammar nazi.

I think it’s sweet and next time i go shopping i’ll have an idea of what my man likes so i can buy something similar to what he bought me and rock his world;)

I date team commandos so pengine bra pekee yake