just asking myself

imagine kama Rift valley was on Raila’s side???

Just answer yourself.The question was self subjected.

Shida yake ni ati he’s not reaching out to everybody and he’s a liar. Courts/Laws/IEBC meetings say one thing, he comes to mislead his people with a twisted version of the reality. Then demonizes certain tribes and cannot articulate their agenda during campaigns-rather it’s attacks and contradictions- and still expects to win? Personally, the man has not reached out to me…and the economic sabotage just drives me further away.

I view govt as both majority and opposition. (I know there’s a more accurate definition, but this is serikali as per lay man). They both constitute it. I expect constructive opposition. If at all they’re patriotic and not self-serving, then they should be able to provide solutions to any problem they see. How does it help Kenya when you withhold, wait for the problem/injustice to mature then come out to act as a savior, usually near elections. You were there when the problem was conceived, saw it grow, did nothing and want to come to me claiming you’re the whistleblower? You’re an accomplice! You’re not patriotic for withholding the solution to a problem you had previously identified, only to come use it as one of your agenda in the elections manifesto. I’d respect you more, even give you a chance to rule, cause you stopped the injustice in it’s tracks and insisted on the solution for it or involved the public to get a solution. Rather than letting it grow to capitalize on it later. You’re a beneficiary of the injustice. So if it’s shida ya govt, everyone including the opposition is in the mix. Whatever your affiliation, you should have the people’s interest at heart. Majority is at fault for instituting the problem/injustice and opposition is at fault for failing to do due diligence and preventing it earlier, only to capitalize on it and mislead the public to gain favour. Only doing checks and balances when you have a personal benefit in doing so.

But then again, this is just a utopic view of a proper govt.

Wacha nkamange kwanza nakam …