Just another reason not to marry

what do you marry for? love,sex, companionship, children. then you are a fool.

love doesn’t exist but care does your care for people that give you a certain resource. A man loves(cares) for a woman because he receives sex from her and bragging rights to other men. women receive social value. thats it in a logical perspective but our body evolved to release feel good hormones when we are near such individuals. this what you call love and because its a chemical release the high usually fades so marrying for love is stupid since it will eventually fail.(tops 7 years).

unlike love sex does exist its there its real. but you have to understand your biology people you can not be turned on 100% of the time by the same person forever sex will reduce and eventually cease to exist. women will beat up becoming old and saggy making them repulsive to you. Mens testosterone will reduce making them require sex less frequently its biology not you fault sex is an evolutionary process to keep the species alive not a get high drug.

once you wife gets kids as a man you are out of the picture, she has deeper connection to your children than you, once you cross over the 75 age mark you will be surprised how much she hates you especially if your kids are well-moneyd. your kids visit once a year and thats if you brought them up well, all you have for companionship are your fellow wazees not that hoe and her offspring.

so you just want to pass on your genes not a bad idea for a marriage thats why 90% of men marry. Listen here you do not need to marry a woman for that no one does every species of animal on this earth reproduces but we are the only ones who marry. get her pregnant take care of the childs up upkeep just dont marry the whore. This is the best deal you can get better than jumia’s 90% off package. you can even pay a woman to conceive you child, its possible in this country.

in the olden times people married for power or to create bonds between communities hii yenu ya siku izi ni ufala.

asande for your time, enjoy you bachelorhood #mgtow

It’s stupid how people can be serious. I only care about food, clothing and shelter.

Kama forestmonkeys hazioani unataka housed primates zioe

Ps… I agree with your opinion but ongezanga IMO

Unaweza zaa watoi wakuchukie. Utakua solo ukiwa mzee

Red pill reality 101

my father is facing the reality right now. my mother anatuitanga aside akituambia vyenye mzee alikua mbaya to her when she was young none of my siblings care for my dad mimi ndio nampa redpill aki niambia vyenye ameficha mirrions in offshore accounts, for times like this seems like mzee was smart enough.

That’s life