Junguu Husbands

Team Nyani, orangutans, gorilla and baboons I’m warning you, keep off this thread . Mafeelings peleka Hague.




Tell the truth can a black man make you feel this romantic and feminine? I don’t think so. They would never even appreciate the trouble you go to, to make them feel special and loved.


Truman ungeolewa na mzungu shida tu they don’t do fat heifers. U will have to settle for us ama dry spell Itakumaliza

Unakuja hapa kutusumbua na hatutaki tukuambie unatusumbua?

Baada ya mileages kufikishwa Timbuktu being a street hooker to tramps of East London ndio umeamulia kutafuta mzee?! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeez! :smiley:
Not even a pensioner can look at your Gorilla-face twice!

Hehe, mtoto akililia wembe mpe. You’re just mesmerized by the novelty of pink skin intertwined with your chocolate one. Go ahead and date one. It’s part of knowing yourself. You will swiftly grow from a girl to a woman.
Then come home.

Bring it on home to me. Nowadays I don’t have a YouTube video for everything I have a song for everything.

Right, Truwoman, there’s a song for everything, even for those dreary days when the dreams fade and the sparkle is forgotten. Here’s one: