Jumia same items, world apart price, should i risk?

A fool and his money.

Check the pricing of the same item with the same specs in different countries to get the ballpark price.

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kama ni pay on delivery unamwambia afungue box kwanza, kama ameleta samyong unamwambia atembeze

Also check store rating

Jumia iko different vendors selling the same items with different price. Na wait waanze kuuza lanye

Still waiting for a more sensible and detailed comment from a buyer who has done this before, pia mimi I want to purchase something hapo Jumia

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Look for same appliance in other stores e.g supermarket where you can actually test and verify authenticity.

Ni lazima ufundishwe kila kitu!

Jumia has introduced a new seller centre for the vendors you have to upload products via csv… for testing purposes guys have been uploading csv file putting random numbers as price just to check if they got it right… probably the product was approved without the guy knowing, even you place an order it will shortly be cancelled

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