Julie Gichurus brother faces murder charges

Julie Gichuru’s brother- Robert
Gichuru has been
presented in court for a murder
case and drunk driving. This was
after the sad news on Sunday that
an accident had occurred between
Fidel Odinga’s Range Rover and a
bicycle along Lenana road. Robert
Gichuru had borrowed Fidel
Odinga’s Range to go and run some
errands when the incident
He was accused of over-speeding
and driving on the wrong side of
the road when he suddenly
swerved and killed a cyclist, This
year, the family has reported lots
drama in the media and for Julie
Gichuru, this is completely not
doing any good to her career. Ther
was a time when she refused to
read a script on Sunday Live Show
about her father in law- Samuel
Gichuru( Father to her Husband,
Anthony) who was caught by polic
driving while drunk. This occurred
again when she was also forced to
read news about her brother in la
who was to face murder charges in
It seems drinking has robbed the
best part of the Gichuru’s family;
from father to son. Now, let us see
how this murder case will be
handled by the Kenyan courts. I
hope that this case will not be
another case where the rich go
unpunished and the poor live all
their lives seeking for justice that
never comes. A serious course of
action should be taken regarding
this case and special compensation
should be awarded to the cyclists’
family or beneficiaries.