Juja South Estate


They say that rentals are from 25K and they are yet to respond to an email sent. Anyone been here and what do you get for 25K exactly?

Those units were on sale a few months/a year or so ago… I visited them and those 25K apartments were going for 5.5 m. There were no takers forthcoming? But they were promising Swimming-pool, club house, shopping complex etc… Just take a drive there on sato and have a look.

cc @Randy did you work with them or interact with guys that were involved with this esto?

How much is a unit?

25k per month sounds too good to be true

@Ice_Cube That was posted yesterday, thinking the same thing as @Afro ,why would people pass up that?

The same estate and Video has been featuring on the property show since last year

Guessing no takers then, or looking for footfall to show other properties

It is because of the area proximity. I guess it’s so much in the interior and the road leading there isn’t well done. Also Juja jam pale kwa flyover or turning all the way to Weteithie underpass may contribute to it.
But the houses are nicely done.

The estate layout is quite impressive that I agree

That traffic is caused by the zebra crossing and matatu stage, it’s bad on Sunday evenings

The units are great. Had they had a better location, say Kikuyu or Waiyaki way, 2 bed apartments would have been 50k. This was poor investment choice with lack of foresight or feasibility study in place.


They have apartments in that video clip

sorry hadn’t watched the vid. just watched it now.

Nyumba ziko sawa

hizo nyumba ziko sawa, last i was there like 5months ago swimming pool was under construction. Na rent huwa 20k hio 5k ni service charge. hio 2bdr the master bedroom na living room ni spacious poa, the 2nd bedroom ndio ndogo kiasi. (my views lakini) maji na security iko poa.

Location… Location… Location

I think i should pay them a visit to have house ideas. Thou jam ya hapo flyover is just crazy!!

Its legit the problem is the distance from the main Rd. Was going to move there but as a Famiky we only have one car. My wife refused it because she would have to walk on that deserted Rd at night.

The quality of the place is top.

Mbona usimpee gari alafu utembee?