Jugde meets convict & old classmate in court

A Miami-Dade judge and one of her old middle school classmates had an emotional reunion in court after he was arrested for an alleged burglary and police pursuit. Arthur Booth, 49, was arrested Monday by Hialeah, Florida Police on several charges including burglary, grand theft, fleeing, and resisting arrest. On Thursday, he went before Judge Mindy Glazer in bond court.

In the screen shot above the judge had just finished sentencing the convict, The latter had not realized that the judge was his old classmate. After sentencing the judge politely asks the convict and i quote “Were u in this and this school?”,This is when reality hit the convict, he remembered wwho the judge was…nigga burst into tears saying Oh my goodnesss x1o times. Judge with a friendly smile on her face tells dude am sorry to see u there i always wondered what happened to you…nigga was still crying perhaps hoping for forgiveness.


Forgiveness was not coming my nigga, he was told to serve his sentence and she wishes him well and hopes that he changes when he comes out!! nigga alipewa 15yrs and his currently 49…sasa maisha ya ku change iko api hapa…

If u wanna watch the video (which i highly recommend) hit the link

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hehehe, enyewe ukiachiliwa at 64, nini utafanya other than kalisha haga chini and wait for welfare

Food stamps budah–alafu akitoka anastart kujiita OG (Original Gangster)…hii ni lawama states. Police are always trailing u…kamakosa kidogo tuu wewe ndani

A bit emotional…the smile on the Dry Friable judge …

there is one record that I really hated…umezoea in Kenya to pee ovyo ovyo but in some states, you get a ticket wonderfully written “public indecency” & depending on the state & city those things haunt you…

nime crick