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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a thing for older women. I’m 29 and I can count on one hand the number of women I’ve dated for more than 6 months who were younger than I am. Oldest lady I dated was 46 when I was 27. But insecurities hukuwa mob sana especially around other women they percieve as younger and prettier.

I find this lady particularly eye-catching despite her age. She’s kept herself well. She still garrrit. DFHKM material kapsaa!! Lakini as an ex-FIDA lawyer, ufeminazi lazima ni mob.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beerholder.

You need help kijana. I wish we had a Kenyan doctor Phil

iyo ndio taste yako ma fren

mimi NJOKI NDUNGU naweza mtomba mpaka alie kibukusu

Jinga Wewe hata jiwe likiwekwa coomer utatomber tu

wacha hizo Njoki huwa msuper sanaa

mommy issues

you lack taste. you are just an imbecile who is attracted to people in a powerful position real or perceived.ungekuwa dame ungepea mpaka watchman just coz you like the way he opens and closes the gate

People are different, while I feel there is a sudden abundance of beautiful ladies going around others look at old women.


How ? Your own mother !
Stick to you grazing ground.

Nikiambiwa hivi nakimbia KICC 28th floor nakujirusha. Jehova!

ION, she banks at KCB Mama Ngina. Kwenda camp hapo utampata…

Kuwa mpole kizee.

you need to see a doctor, its not normal to be attracted to older women, it shows you are lazy and dying to have free things.

  1. Depending on the experiences of one’s sexcapades/life-encounters, it may be very normal to prefer older women.
  2. The only free thing I’m dying to have is the guaranteed, experienced, supply of sex from an older woman, mostly seeking validation that she’s still on top of her game. I make an honest living, fully capable of supporting myself very comfortably.

:eek::eek::eek: :D:D:D ref waves play on

Relax bana. One mans food is another ones poison. Ningekuwa dame, most probably ningekuwa pale 680 na @Female Perspective. Hiyo nayo ni ukweli siwezi kataa.

Consolata Nkatha…

Guka, kelelee za chura hazimzui ng’ombe kunywa maji. Besides, making such rash judgement on a stranger just show how intellectually challenged one is. It’s never that serious.